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Did you know that a human being can detect more than ten thousand different aromas? It's not without reason that we sometimes refer to a "taste explosion". Filtered water allows aromas to develop to their fullest extent and food, coffee or tea become an unparalleled taste experience.
Our focus for more than 45 years, and in the future as well, has been to optimise the vital resource of water and the high quality of all BRITA products, in order to turn water into a great tasting drink.  
Markus Hankammer, CEO

“Great tea starts with great water”

Discover Tea Expert and BRITA Ambassador Jane Pettigrew´s Top 5 Tips for Tasty Tea-Making – and find out what Identi-tea you are.

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Not all tea is the same

Not all tea is the same
You can probably imagine that you can taste the difference between filtered and unfiltered water. It's more impressive if you can see it for yourself, as in the BRITA "tea test". While water that has not been filtered with BRITA leaves visible limescale deposits on the glass, all you get with BRITA filtered water is a great taste experience.

Premium brands rely on BRITA

Premium brands rely on BRITA
Are you a fan of Tassimo or do you have one of the popular Bosch coffee machines in your office? Then you will also have enjoyed the taste of BRITA filtered water, as these and other premium brands rely on BRITA and have already integrated our filter cartridges into many of their appliances.

How does the water get its taste?

How does the water get its taste?
The BRITA water filter reduces taste- and smell impairing substances and limescale. Furthermore, it reduces metals such as lead and copper that maybe present in your water due to domestic plumbing. Incidentally, it isn't just families who appreciate the taste of BRITA filtered water — professional chefs also rely on BRITA.

Even more taste

Do you actually know how hard your mains water is? After all, this has a significant effect on your taste experience. Find out what it is by ordering your free water hardness test strip here.

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