BRITA On Line Active Plus Starter Set

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Soft, freshly-filtered water straight from your own BRITA dispenser for up to 6 months, for better taste and limescale reduction.
The long-life P 1000 cartridge filters continuously in a multi-stage process. Not only does it ensure improved taste in drinks and food; the filtration also protects your domestic appliances against limescale build-up, thus increasing the service life. The most exclusive and convenient type of water filtration.

Overview of starter set:

Certified, exclusive BRITA dispenser in an elegant design – now with LED cartridge replacement indicator

P 1000 filter cartridge
The multi-stage water filtration continuously reduces limescale, substances
that can impair taste and odour, and metals such as lead and copper that occur as a result of domestic installation

Filter performance for up to 6 months
Water containing limescale up to 8.5 dH: 1000 litres = approx. 6 months
Water containing a high level of limescale from 8.5 dH: 500 litres = approx. 3 months 

BRITA filter head
Water hardness test strip for determining the water hardness included

Installation package with certified components

Article number: 1004307

The starter set includes everything required for rapid installation:

BRITA water dispenser
- Modern design BRITA dispenser with modern design with
certified quality: TÜV, ACS
- Now with LED cartridge replacement indicator
(time and volume indicator)
- Height: 29 cm, curve: 15 cm
- The BRITA water dispenser can be combined with most models of sinks
and fittings.

P 1000 filter cartridge
- Multi-stage water filtration to reduce limescale, chlorine and
other substances that can impair taste and odour, and
metals such as lead and copper that may occur in a domestic setting
- Cartridge performance with hard water (up to 8.5 dH):
1000 litres= approx. 6 months
- Cartridge performance with very hard water (from 8.5 dH):
500 litres= approx. 3 months

BRITA filter head
- Individual setting depending on water hardness
- Water hardness test strip to determine your water hardness
is included
- Integrated flow controller ensures optimised water jet
with high water pressure

Simple cartridge replacement
The integrated flush valve depressurises the system.
You can then remove the cartridge from the filter head and insert the new cartridge.

Installation package with certified components
Hoses, practical wall mount, seals, adapter, T-piece


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