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Questions about jugs
Which jugs are dishwasher-safe?
What is the difference between BRITA METER and BRITA MEMO?
How do I activate the BRITA Meter?
How do I activate the BRITA Memo?
Questions about filter cartridges
How do I prepare my BRITA water filter cartridge?
What can I do with my used filter cartridges?
The inside of the cartridge foil is damp. What can I do?
Is there a best before date for filter cartridges?
How long can a cartridge be used for?
How does the MAXTRA cartridge work? What is hidden inside the cartridge?
There are black particles in my water after filtering - what are these?
Are the contents of the cartridge safe?
Do BRITA cartridges remove fluoride?
What happens when the cartridge is full/exhausted? Can impurities leak back into the water?
If the BRITA water remains in contact with the filter cartridge - will the removed impurities be released back into the water?
General questions
What are the benefits of BRITA filtered water?
What is the best way to store BRITA filtered water?
What is water hardness and why is it important to remove it?
What should I do with my water filter, if my water supplier has notified me that there is a problem with the tap water?
Is BRITA filtered water suitable for steam irons?
Is filtered water the same as distilled water?
I am worried about BPA Bisphenol A?
I am on a potassium restricted diet-is filtered water suitable for me?
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