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BRITA Fill&Go Water Filter Bottle

Two in one
Practical size
Easy to handle
Easy cleaning
Four stylish colours
Convenient drinking

BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc

Your weekly water supply: One BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc gives you fresh, great tasting water for the whole week. BRITA filtration technology reliably reduces substances that impair taste and smell


Drinking fresh great tasting water has never been easier – the new BRITA Fill&Go Water Filter Bottle.

BRITA Fill&Go can be refilled with fresh tap water at any time. By its familiar, tried-and-tested BRITA quality,
It reduces substances that impair smell and taste, thus providing delicious water for only a few pence per litre. It just filters the water while you drink!

The activated carbon filter, known as the BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc, is integrated in the lid, out of sight.
Simply exchange the corresponding BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc once a week and drink, drink, drink… .
Make sure you hydrate the BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc prior to first use. This will make it much easier for you to drink through. For great taste and optimal quality use the water in your Fill&Go within one day.

It's easy as this:

Prior to first use: Soak the Filter Disc
in water for one minute.
…press it gently into the holder.
Place the holder into the lid from below, …
…fill the bottle with tap water and …
…screw the lid tightly onto the bottle.
Your BRITA Fill&Go is now ready to use.
You can suck through the straw - please do
not tip the bottle up.
Simply remove the straw
… if you prefer to use the bottle witout it.

Practical and flexible – the BRITA Fill&Go Drinking Straw.

Just insert the BRITA Fill&Go straw to drink in an upright position - you can then keep your eyes open for more important things!.
Simply suck through the straw as you would when using a standard straw in a cup.

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