Combi ovens & conventional ovens

Eating to just stoke up? Those days have long gone!

Customers demand absolute top quality. And today's prerequisites for a perfect gastronomic performance are taste, aroma, freshness and dishes that look appetising.

This is where combi ovens and conventional ovens come in: They are ideal for careful preparation of top-quality, appetising meals that exude freshness, and a must for every professional kitchen.

Freshness, aroma, taste

Combination Ovens and Steamers in professional kitchens are high-investment, high-performance appliances that are used daily. Not only do they have to pay for themselves, they ultimately have to be profitable as well. They must run reliably on a daily basis. At the end of the day, every machine failure costs money.

However also limescale can cause problems, as it can form inside the oven, as well as on heating rods and sensitive machine components.

This causes the machine to wear much more quickly. Baking and cooking programmes can no longer run as planned, The oven must be cleaned extensively. More energy is required to reach the required temperatures.

Not all water is the same
Fish dish with spinach

A low concentration of minerals in water is advantageous for both appliances and food. Only then is it possible to produce dishes with inherent natural freshness and aromatic taste. They look appetising and scrumptious, and baked products turn out crispy and shiny.

The very best water is needed for perfectly functioning appliances and the finest dishes. This is because most cooking methods in the professional kitchen require water, e.g. for boiling, steaming, baking and roasting.

Quick meals and culinary works of art, too, are prepared with the targeted use of steam in high-quality machines, which is why your water should be of the best quality.

Water filters from BRITA Professional are specifically tailored to suit the requirements of this sector. They prevent the build-up of deposits such as limescale on and in sensitive nozzles and in the cooking chamber, as well as glass corrosion of viewing windows. This in turn prevents machine damage, and service and repair costs are reduced.

Using water filters allows the flavours of your dishes to fully develop, while retaining their fresh and natural appearance. To ensure that water is precisely what it should be, your professional kitchen should not be without BRITA water filters.

Take care of your machines and integrate a water filter from BRITA Professional.

For your appliances
Woman taking fresh rolls from the oven
  • Machines work smoothly, ensuring full capacity even at peak times
  • You never lose sight of what’s going on, as no film of salt forms on the window of the oven or steamer
  • The cooking chamber stays clean longer
For your sales
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  • You serve up top-quality food and bakery products
  • Your customers are satisfied
  • In this way, you gain long-term loyalty of existing customers and easily attract new ones
For your customer
Man passing plate across counter
  • They enjoy naturally fresh, aromatic dishes
  • Appetising, scrumptious appearance
  • Delicious, crispy, shiny bakery products
  • Full development of flavour