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Gleaming crockery, sparkling glasses and spotless cutlery are the calling card of any business in the restaurant industry, and the be-all and end-all of perfect gastronomic presentation.

Modern dishwashing technology and cleaning agents contribute significantly to good dishwashing results, but water remains the key 'ingredient' for visibly clean success.
Gleaming dishes, machines and cutomers

The path to brilliant results begins well before the dishwasher is even switched on. If the dishwashing water has the ideal composition for this application, you can save a great deal of time and money.

Minerals that can lead to deposits when combined with hot water are generally responsible for machine failure or damage and for marks and streaks on the dishes. They also cause glass and fine china to look dull and unsightly, literally rubbing down patterns.

And if limescale builds up on machine components, the machine suffers damage too. This means that increased amounts of detergent and rinse aid are required, and ultimately the machine uses more energy.

Not all water is the same

Water quality is a decisive factor for perfect dishwashing. Water used for washing dishes should 
have the minerals and salts that form limescale filtered out. This reduces the use of cleaning agents, and wear and tear of the machines is slowed down while optimal capacity is ensured.

A key factor for achieving good, clean results is the quality of the water used to wash the dishes. Depending on the region, the water's characteristics may vary greatly, and various substances impact on dishwashers, crockery and glasses.

This is also visible on the crockery. Unappetising marks and streaks on dishes become a thing of the past. No more polishing by hand, which means glass breakages and injuries are greatly reduced. Hygiene benefits from this as well.

Thanks to its water filters for dishwashers, BRITA Professional offers the perfect solution. When in use, these water filters impart exactly the same reliable properties on every type of water. This means, you achieve optimum quality and efficiency, and the greatest possible success.

Take care of your dishwashers and crockery and integrate a water filter from BRITA Professional.

Shiny crockery
Wine glasses, coffee cups and cutlery on stainless steel surface
  • Optimum dishwashing results
  • Sparkling glasses
  • Brilliant, gleaming patterns
  • Spotless cutlery
  • Less glass breakage
Shiny clean machines
Man takes freshly washed glass from dishwasher
  • No downtimes due to limescale
  • Significantly reduced service costs
  • Less maintenance work
Beaming guests
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  • Perfect presentation of your food and drink
  • Satisfied customers who enjoy coming back
  • New customers are gained