BRITA Professional water cooler

Water dispenser

Clear, cool water—there's nothing better for quenching thirst while providing a balanced mineral intake.

Nowadays almost every office, shopping centre or practice is equipped with a drinking water dispenser. It is therefore even more essential to ensure that the water provided is of good quality.

For water of the highest quality with a pleasant odour, and long-term protection for your water cooler.
Freshness in a glass

Nothing tastes better than clear, cool water. This is why we often see so-called point-of-use water coolers today in many public locations that have simply been connected to the water mains. Water can have different tastes or appearances, depending on the local conditions (e.g. due to chlorine).

Fresh water for pure enjoyment
Water glasses in a row, one behind the other

Processing of untreated water plays a decisive role for cold drink dispensers. Unwanted tastes and odours should be removed in the same way as are tiny particles. This results in cool, crystal clear and refreshing water.

Thanks to water filters from BRITA Professional, the end product is not affected by any residue in the drinking water. An active carbon block filters unwanted tastes and odours out of the water. The number of particles reaching the machine and the malfunctions associated with this are reduced. This means protection for the water coolers and decreased service and repair costs. 

Provide fresh water and ensure that your water coolers run without downtimes: Integrate a water filter for water coolers from BRITA Professional.

For your appliances
Water glasses in a row, one behind the other
  • Significantly reduced maintenance
  • Significantly reduced service costs
  • Optimal protection for your machine
For your sales
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  • Your drinking water is always of the highest quality
  • Utmost customer satisfaction
  • Long-term customer retention
For your customer
Woman with water glass
  • Finest aroma and natural freshness
  • Perfect quality for the ultimate drinking pleasure