you use the best ingredients. why not the best water?

Tea test

Whether making a cup of tea, enjoying a glass of water or making home cooked food.


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BRITA jugs

Drinking fresh water has never been easier. The BRITA Fill&Go Water Filter Bottle filters water whilst you drink: enjoy great tasting fitered water whenever you are on the go!


Tea test


From soups and casseroles to curries and salads, BRITA filtered water will make sure the flavour of all the other ingredients shines through.


Water makes up two-thirds of our bodies. It is essential to keep our joints lubricated, helping digestion, flushing out waste and toxins and maintaining healthy skin. It is recommended to drink up to 2 litres (about six large glasses) of fluid every day to prevent dehydration. The body often confuses thirst with hunger, so increasing your water intake can stop you reaching for snacks.


Keeping active and drinking plenty of water, especially before, during and after exercising, is a great way to feel healthier. BRITA can help you keep topped up: whether at home or work with a BRITA jug or Tap, or out and about with the BRITA Fill&Go.

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By simply using BRITA filtered water you’re allowing the flavour of your hot/cold drinks and cooking to really shine through. Watch the BRITA video to learn more.

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