Drinking water dispensers

Drinking water dispensers are synonymous with an optimal supply of clear, fresh water. The BRITA Ionox models are technologically superior and they fulfil the extremely strict hygiene requirements of the hospital sector.

In January 2011, BRITA GmbH acquired a majority stake in Ionox Wasser-Technologie GmbH. With this move, the BRITA Group has complemented its product and technology portfolio in an exceptionally future-oriented market. Under the division name BRITA Ionox, decades of experience of BRITA in the optimisation of drinking water are combined with the technical know-how of Ionox. The result of this merger is a range of appliances that are unique in design and technology, and that meet the demand for healthy, low-cost drinking water that can be enjoyed chilled, still or sparkling at any time of day.
Today, BRITA Ionox is one of the market leaders in the field of plumbed-in drinking water dispensers and holds the patent for the widely used Ionox Hygiene Solution. The product range currently comprises freestanding systems, countertop systems and installed systems that can be adapted to customers' requirements at any time. The appliances are primarily used in offices, schools and the restaurant industry, and thanks to the patented Ionox Hygiene Solution also in the hygienically sensitive medical care sector (hospitals and care homes).