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BRITA at SCA’s 2017 World of Coffee.

An exceptional espresso, luscious latte, aromatic Americano, marvellous macchiato – all share an essential ingredient: water. The coffee beans are vital but it is H2O that is often overlooked. BRITA, the official water sponsor of two 2017 World of Coffee events, offers expert advice and assistance.


Every year, contestants and connoisseurs from all over the world converge at SCA’s (Specialty Coffee Association) World of Coffee competitions. This international community comes together to celebrate a beloved beverage, exchange knowledge, and put their skills to the test. But great coffee hinges on great ingredients, including water. Against this background, BRITA is proud to reprise its role as official water sponsor, which it has performed since 2012. In particular, it will offer special training sessions, and support and guidance throughout the World Brewers Cup and the World Cup Tasters Championship, held in Budapest, Hungary from 13 to 15 June 2017.

At the World Brewers Cup, contestants hand-brew high-quality filter coffee. There are two heats, with the first comprising two parts. During part one, participants must use the equipment and water provided (the compulsory service). In the second part, contestants are allowed to use their own water as long as it fulfils specified conditions (the open service). BRITA applies its special skillset to test this water, and offers advice on how to improve its quality – for example by using proven filtration technology.


At the World Cup Tasters Championship, professional cuppers vie to demonstrate their speed and accuracy in differentiating between specialty coffees. They sample three cups of coffee and must distinguish the odd one out. The coffee is brewed in advance. Critically, the water is tested and carefully controlled – and this is where BRITA comes into play.


BRITA Water Academy at WOC 2017

In addition, BRITA will have a stand (A13) at the World of Coffee events, where it will offer refreshments and hold its Water Academy – special training sessions created especially with baristas in mind.


Coffee professionals will experience first-hand how to treat and test water, and ensure it is fit for champion-quality coffee. Also, they will learn about the impact water has on taste and aroma – and how they can make use of this knowledge at their workplace. Anyone interested in the training sessions can register for free via: Simply tell us your name and which training session you are interested in – we will confirm your registration right away.



  2017 Budapest 2016 Dublin 2015 Gothenburg 2014 Rimini 2013 Nice
Hardness (°dH)          
Carbonate hardness 12.0 2.0 3.1 14 6.3
Total hardness 14.8 3.0 3.1 18.9 10.9
Permanent hardness 2.8 1.1 0 4.9 4.6
Ions (mg/L)          
Nitrate 11.5 2.5 1 20 1.5
Sulphate 48.3 17.0 23.8 110.8 104.6
Calcium 74.8 17.6 19.6 101.4 65.3


A cup of coffee is 98 per cent water. But water is generally more than simply H2O. It includes minerals for instance. And these can vary greatly – as a result of the environment, treatment methods, mains lines, and bottles – and that can have a major impact on the final result. Although invisible to the naked eye, minerals affect flavour, aroma, crema, acidity and more – and may lead to limescale on coffee-brewing equipment. Specifically, very soft or hard water can result in unpleasantly bitter or bland coffee. And dissolved elements such as chlorine can make for an unpalatable taste.




These aspects are all explained at BRITA’s Water Academy, and are explored in the newly updated BRITA Water Basics guide. The document is an attractive combination of user-friendly text and graphics dedicated to one topic: H2O. It makes clear that this vital liquid is surprisingly complex and many-facetted, and it brings together key facts and figures in a single, introductory publication.





World of Coffee has defined a set of specifications for the water used at its competitions. It must be chlorine-free, and fall within certain ranges for total dissolved solids, calcium hardness, pH, sodium and more. And to this end, BRITA leverages its extensive experience to test and filter a variety of water types to achieve the ideal composition for the competitions’ requirements. No matter what the challenge, the company is committed to finding a great-tasting solution – by sharing its knowledge and love of water with the specialty coffee community.

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