PURITY Quell ST filters are synonymous with reliable prevention of limescale build-up, safe removal of unwanted tastes and odours, and consequently with optimal product quality and long, maintenance-free machine running times.
Areas of application:
  • Coffee machines
  • Vending machines
Filter technology:
  • Decarbonation
The ideal solution for everyone hoping to satisfy even the most demanding quality requirements."
Top standard water filtration

The 4-stage filtration in the PURITY Quell ST prevents limescale deposits and ensures consistently high water quality. This means you can rest assured that your high-quality equipment provides maximum performance 24 hours a day. Consistent water quality over the entire service life of the filter and reliable removal of unwanted tastes and odours ensures exceptional quality and a unique taste for your drinks and dishes.

PURITY Quell ST technology

The PURITY Quell ST with 3 different filter sizes ensures reliable removal of scale-forming substances, as well as unwanted odours and flavours, and chlorine and heavy metals, thereby offering optimal product quality and long machine running times. Moreover, the filter in the water safely retains any coarse and fine particles. The PURITY concept is based on a simple idea: For every type of problematic water in the professional restaurant industry, BRITA offers a simple solution, tailored towards the specific problem?a filter from the PURITY family, simple and uncomplicated.

IntelliBypass technology
IntelliBypass button

The unique IntelliBypass technology allows for a constant by-pass water rate irrespective of the volumetric flow. This ensures a consistently high water quality, particularly in case of low water throughput rates.

With BRITA you're always on the safe side!

The food quality provided by BRITA water filter products is tested and monitored by independent institutions. The PURITY systems carry the seals of approval from TÜV, SVGW, WRAS, VA and other national quality labels. Electronic components naturally bear the CE mark.


Filtration stages
Filtration stages PURITY Quell ST
1. Prefiltration
The expansion media removes coarse particles
2. Carbonate hardness reduction
An ion exchanger reduces the carbonate hardness content and prevents scale deposits
3. Activated carbon filtration
Substances that can impair taste and odour are eliminated
4. Fine filtration
Retains particles measuring up to 10 µm
PURITY technology means:
•   Optimal water quality
Outstanding and consistent water quality?free from substances that can impair taste and odour
•   Highest level of product safety
For problem-free operation, safe handling and convenient operating data recognition
•   Simple handling
Operation quicker and easier than ever before
Your advantages with PURITY Quell ST
Cross-section of heater element, one side with scale build-up and the other without
  • Targeted prevention of scale deposits and associated machine failure
  • Service and repair costs are noticeably reduced
  • Problem-free use behind domestic water softeners
  • Simple to use thanks to the PURITY replacement cartridge system
  • Specific adjustment to local conditions due to variable by-pass setting
  • Elimination of unwanted tastes and odours in entire filtrate
  • Coffee, espresso and other beverages develop their full aroma
Your coffee customers enjoy
Two coffee cups under coffee machine outlet
  • Full flavour
  • Best aroma
  • Strong, stable crema
  • Appetising drinks as the milk and cream do not separate
Your vending customers enjoy
Man at vending machine taking a cup of coffee
  • Full flavour
  • Best aroma
  • Coffee and specialities with great crema
  • Appetising soups without lumps
  • Tea with a perfect colour, without an ugly surface film or deposits on the rim of the cup
  • The finest specialities of today
 PURITY 450 Quell STPURITY 600 Quell STPURITY 1200 Quell ST
Capacity at 10°EH CH*
vending machines
(by-pass setting 40%)
4,217 litres 7,207 litres 13,187 litres
Capacity at 10°EH CH*
combi ovens/conventional ovens
(by-pass setting 10%)
2,995 litres 5,118 litres 9,364 litres
Max. operating pressure 6.9 bar
Operating temperature 4°C–30°C
Nominal flow 60 l/h 120 l/h 120 l/h
Pressure loss at nominal flow max. 0.12 bar max. 0.36 bar max. 0.32 bar
(height/diameter in mm)
408/249 520/249 550/288
(dry/wet) in kg
10/12 12/15 18 /24
G1" / G ¾"
Operating position Horizontal or vertical
Order numbers
New filter (complete system with filter cartridge) with measuring and display unit 1009227 1009229 1009231
New filter (complete system with filter cartridge) without measuring and display unit 1009228 1009230 1009232
Replacement cartridge 273000 273200 273400
*CH = carbonate hardness