BRITA fill&serve Mind Water Filter Carafe Graphite 1,3 l incl. 1 MicroDisc

The new shape of water – BRITA fill&serve Mind

Innovative Water Filter Carafe provides great-tasting freshly filtered water.

The BRITA fill&serve Mind, a sustainable and stylish solution for both at home and in the office. The carafe comes with an activated carbon filter, the BRITA Filter Disc, that guarantees great tasting filtered water for your drinking enjoyment. Filtered water from the BRITA fill&serve Mind is a practicmal and cost-saving alternative to bottled water.

Just insert the MicroDisc once a month and fill up with tap water any time. The lid of the fill&serve Mind contains a cartridge change indicator (BRITA Memo), which reminds you when to exchange your Filter Disc. All components of the BRITA fill&serve Mind (except the lid with BRITA Memo) can be cleaned in the dishwasher. By exchanging the MicroDisc every 4 weeks, the BRITA fill&serve Mind continually provide great tasting drinking water for your daily drinking needs

McroDisc with ActivSelect Technology

One MicroDisc for 4 weeks of freshly filtered water, best taste for pure and fresh drinking enjoyment. Effectively reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances. It leaves minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the water. For best tasting drinking water.

Including one MicroDisc for free.

Fits only in the fill&serve carafes.

To protect your domestic appliances against limescale build-up, BRITA recommends using a BRITA system in which the MAXTRA cartridge, for example, is used.

Article number: 1020115

BRITA fill&serve Mind Water Filter Carafe

  • Total volume 1,3l (funnel volume 0,5l)
  • Clever: BRITA memo reminds you when to exchange your Filter Disc
  • Exceptional transparency, high gloss and long life due to state-of-the-art materials
  • Low weight and easy to handle
  • Designed to fit the fridge door
  • Measurements: Height 290 mm, Diameter: 102 mm
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