BRITA Fill&Go Filter Discs 16-pack

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BRITA Fill&Go Filter Discs – Refill pack with 16 (2x8) Filter Discs
Enjoy the taste of freshly BRITA filtered water on the go! BRITA's compact filter technology significantly reduces chlorine, other taste impairing substances and fine solids.

• Flexible and hygienic usage through weekly exchange
• One BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc lasts for one week
• Refill pack with 2x8 Filter Discs corresponds to 16 weeks of usage
• Fits into the Original Fill&Go bottle - does not fit into the fill&go Vital

Article number: 1011515

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£26.40 including VAT
Free Water Filter Bottle
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MAXTRA_2x6_Voucher Voucher_15 2 x 6 cartridges
£ 28.50 per delivery
including VAT
+ 1 BRITA Fill&Go
Water Filter Bottle
and 4 Filter Discs
MAXTRA_4x6_Voucher Edition_1 4 x 6 cartridges
£ 28.50 per delivery
including VAT
+ free jug
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