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Rediscover the pure taste of coffee and tea. Simply improve your well-being. Stay relaxed. Have a clear conscience towards the environment. Enjoy and feel great. There are so many reasons for BRITA filtered water.

Two-thirds of our body consists of water. It is no surprise that water is crucial for our health and well-being. Although tap water in industrial nations is of good quality, it can be optimised for some purposes.

Test your water hardness

BRITA filtered water reduces the amount of limescale in your water, as well as chlorine and metals like lead and copper. And you can taste that! The natural flavours in coffee and tea can develop much better during brewing. Tea gleams clearly and is free from streaks. Foods can let their own flavour unfold. Home appliances are protected against limescale build-up for a longer life span and better energy efficiency. Hier kostenlos anfordern

BRITA quality

Quality at BRITA comes in several forms. From the careful selection of raw materials and suppliers to the constant control of all development, production and logistics processes, including the associated hygiene regulations. For all products that are delivered to retail or end customers, BRITA makes sure they are retraceable, meaning that their origin can always be tracked precisely. We see quality as the benchmark when working for your safety.


Let's wake up

Health experts recommend that we drink 1.5 litres of water a day, which corresponds to around 8 glasses a day. Although this is well known, it is often forgotten. BRITA helps you to drink enough. Just install the drink reminder on your computer and you will remember to drink regularly.

BRITA drink reminder, here's the download link

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More Safety — We will take care of it

Recently purchased a BRITA system? Found a registration note in the packaging? Then you are in the right place. Follow the link and it's simple to extend your guarantee.

If you don't have the registration information at hand, call our service line.

Tel.: 0344 742 4800
Mon. - Fri. from 09:00 - 17:00
Calls are charged at a basic rate. Please refer to your service provider for charges.

Our service is more than a promise

BRITA Guarantee — 3 years on all your appliances: You can rely on that.

Free spare parts service — Whatever your BRITA products need, you will find it here.

Recycling service — BRITA is not only the inventor of the jug water filter but, starting in 1992, was also the first water filter manufacturer to take back and recycle used cartridges.

Cartridge delivery service conveniently to your home — free of shipping costs.

Stockist finder — Find BRITA shops close to you.

The BRITA online shop – Shopping whenever you want to.

Free return and 30-day money back guarantee.

Service hotline for questions concerning the shop and all products, spare parts and water filtration.


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