AquaAroma cartridge in sparkling water

AquaAroma/AquaAroma CREMA

AquaAroma and AquaAroma CREMA filters specifically reduce the carbonate hardness in water and consequently prevent scale deposits. Unpleasant tastes and odours are reliably eliminated. In addition, the filter safely retains any coarse and fine particles that may be present in the water.

Areas of application:
  • Coffee machines
  • Tank system

Filter technology:
  • Decarbonation
The compact solution for mobile coffee machines with integrated water tank."
AquaAroma technology.

AquaAroma CREMA filter cartridges are suitable for use in coffee machines equipped with a specially designed integrated water tank system. The water is drawn through the cartridge. No additional brackets are required for fixing the cartridge in the tank.
AquaAroma filter cartridges are also suitable for use in specially designed or retrofitted tank systems, and for mobile coffee machines with integrated water tank; the water is fed through the filter medium by way of gravity.

With BRITA you're always on the safe side!

The food quality provided by BRITA water filter products is tested and monitored by independent institutions.

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Your advantages with the AquaAroma CREMA cartridge
  • Water quality can be adjusted via the aroma ring?according to local water quality
  • Reduced service costs
  • Improved taste, aroma and crema
  • Constant water pressure and temperature during the entire brewing process
  • Can be used directly in the water tank; horizontally too
  • Fresh filtration for every brewing process/each individual cup
  • Extremely easy installation without aids
Your advantages with the AquaAroma cartridge
  • Reduced service costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Direct distribution by the operator
  • Replacing filters easily?users can easily insert a new cartridge themselves
  • Used directly in the water tank
Your coffee customers enjoy
Two coffee cups under coffee machine outlet
  • Full flavour
  • Best aroma
  • Strong, stable crema
  • Appetising drinks as the milk and cream do not separate
AquaAroma CREMA
Capacity taking account of the local carbonate hardness
Aroma ring adjustment
Number of cups 35 ml/150 ml
Setting A220 litres6300/1470
Setting B150 litres4300/1000
Setting C80 litres2300/540
Dimensions of cartridge cup
(W/D/H) in mm
Operating temperature4°C–30°C
Order numbers
AquaAroma CREMA, pack of 1101831
AquaAroma CREMA, pack of 6101832

Capacity at 10° dH CH*145 litresNumber of cups 35 ml/150 ml
Dimensions of cartridge cup
(W/D/H) in mm
Operating temperature4°C–30°C
Order numbers
AquaAroma, pack of 1216000
AquaAroma, pack of 6235600

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