BRITA fill&enjoy Fun & 4 MAXTRA+

Enjoy great tasting water for up to 16 weeks with the BRITA Fun & 4 MAXTRA+ value pack.

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The amount you want

Provides you with just the right amount of great tasting filtered water.

Reminds you

Check the BRITA Memo on the jug’s lid to find out when you need to replace the cartridge.

Useful cup icons

Refer to the funnel’s cup icons to save time: filter only as much as you need.

Open with a swing

Enjoy easy opening with the BRITA Swing opener lid.

Why BRITA fill&enjoy Fun?

Great tasting water

Turns tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water.

Delicious hot drinks

Releases the full flavour and aroma of tea, coffee and espresso.

Ideal for cooking

Perfectly suited for cooking healthy food.


An ecological and convenient alternative to bottled water.


Benefit from budget-friendly advantages. And save money.


Never carry heavy water bottles again!

German quality & design

Count on German quality. Enjoy appealing German design.

Appliance shield

Prolongs the life of your appliances by preventing limescale build-up.

BRITA fill&enjoy Fun blue

Fast facts

  • MAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology for great tasting water
  • Clever BRITA Memo reminds you when it's time to put in a new cartridge
  • Clever, space saving design
  • Just swing open the lid
  • Informative cup icons
  • Four filter cartridges for up to 16 weeks of cleaner fresher water
BRITA fill&enjoy Fun blue explosion


  • 1.5 litres (1.0 litre filtered water)
  • 17.5 x 27.5 x 9.5 cm (W x H x D)
  • designed to fit in your fridge door
BRITA MAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology


MAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology reduces:

  • limescale build-up
  • metals such as lead and copper
  • chlorine and other substances that affect water's taste

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