BRITA HS1 Filter System

Ideal for applications with high hygiene standards. Retains fine particles down to 0.2 μm.

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BRITA filter HS1

Optimum water with no turbidity

For end products with optimised aroma, taste and appearance.

BRITA filter HS1

Bacteria retention

Guaranteed to retain bacteria as small as 0.2 μm, according to DIN 58356.

BRITA filter HS1

Part of the special BRITA Hygiene Solution

HS1 plays a key role in the special BRITA Hygiene Solution for hygiene-sensitive areas.

Why BRITA HS1 Filter System?

BRITA Benefits great tasting water

Great tasting water

Cleaner, fresher tasting water tapped right from the source.

BRITA Benefits safe water supply

Safe water supply

The exclusive BRITA Hygiene Solution is ideal for highly sensitive areas.

BRITA Benefits proven technology

Proven technology

Tried-and-trusted expertise: excellent product safety and durability.

BRITA Benefits outstanding quality

Outstanding quality

Perfectly matched filter components for a variety of tasks.

BRITA filter HS1

Fast facts

  • Featuring trusted BRITA Systematic Filter Technology with four step filtration
  • 10,000 l capacity
  • Effectively reduces metallic residues and chlorine
  • Space-saving installation: water input/output on one side of filter head
  • Part of the special BRITA Hygiene Solution
BRITA filter HS1 filtration


Proven BRITA Systematic Filter Technology provides outstanding and consistent water quality in four steps:

1 Water flow
Raw water flows from the outside through to the carbon block inwards and runs through a hollow fibre membrane.

2 Pre-filter
Before entering the carbon block, a fleece retains coarse contaminants such as sand.

3 Activated carbon filtration
Reduces substances that can have an adverse effect on the taste and aroma. Very fine pores ensure effective particle retention.

4 Hollow fibre membrane
Finest particles and bacteria as small as 0.2 μm are filtered reliably.


HS1 Data Sheet (PDF, 1.407 MB)
Thermal Germ Barrier Data Sheet (PDF, 1.241 MB)
BRITA water dispenser water glass on desk

Water for your business

Providing drinking water for employees is socially responsible and is key to performance.

Find out the benefits!

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