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For Professional Filter Customers

Continued Support

During these uncertain times we know our customers are facing some of their biggest challenges. BRITA Professional are here to support you. For businesses that are able to remain open, our engineers and technical experts will continue to be available for on-site or telephone support.

It goes without saying that the safety of our customers and team members is of utmost importance. All of our service teams have received training and carry the personal protective equipment necessary to ensure we are adhering to the latest social distancing guidelines at all time.

If you have any questions, please call our customer support team on +44 1869 365 851

Back to work support

When the time comes to reopen your business, it is important that your Professional Filter system is flushed through after a period of non-use, before the equipment is used again.

Step by step instructions including how much water you need to flush can be downloaded below. 

How to flush your filter

Click the video below to see how to flush your PURITY or PURITY C filter

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Download instructions on how to flush your filter

How to flush a BRITA filter

How to flush a BRITA filter

(PDF, 4.29 MB)
Download now

If your business is back up and running please send us a meter reading from your BRITA filter(s) using the instructions and form below. This will help us monitor the lifetime of your filter and let you know when it needs changing.

Please use this contact form to send us your meter reading

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Learn how BRITA can maximise the lifetime and performance of your equipment

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Our Customer Support Service Team are on call during usual business hours and available to answer any questions you may have.


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