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Quenching thirst in style

BRITA VIVREAU is adding an exciting new matte black edition to its ViTap range. A simple and sleek design, sure to blend into any modern interior.

In the last ten years, all-white office spaces have been all the rage. However, workspaces are now being influenced by the latest interior trends and 2020 has seen the rise of edgy, darker tones making their way into office design.

This isn’t just painted on the walls. Metal fixtures such as taps or door handles, have gone from chrome, to brass, to black over the past decade, offering a muted, understated finish.

Created to give stylish offices more choice, BRITA VIVREAU is adding an exciting new matte black edition to its ViTap range.

The smart new tap will be available across BRITA VIVREAU’s 305 and 304 models and is designed to fit seamlessly into any working environment.

Whether you’re simply looking for a new solution for your office water supply or you want to ditch single-use plastic bottles for good, the benefits of the BRITA VIVREAU ViTap speak for themselves:

Female hand fills wave bottle with sparkling water

Staying stylish

The new matte black design of the ViTap has been created to fit seamlessly into modern spaces.

What’s more, the reusable BRITA Wave bottles can be branded to suit any needs.

BRITA waste prevention plastic bottle beach

Sustainable solutions

Say goodbye to single use plastic!

The VIVREAU ViTap is a sustainable choice for the eco-conscious space, reducing waste and recycling costs by eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles.

It also gives workers access to unlimited hot, cold, still and sparkling water, helping businesses to lower energy consumption by removing the need for multiple kettles.

plastic bottles

Tap into cost savings

Buying, transporting and storing water bottles is an unsustainable, time consuming and costly process.

Eliminate economic and environmental costs with a VIVREAU ViTap that taps straight into the mains, producing a range of filtered water types at the touch of a button.

Balloon Office Happy

A happy workplace

According to research, 83% of facilities managers think that having filtered water readily available in addition to tap water is seen as an added benefit to employees and 61% believe water stations are key to improving productivity.*

The ViTap encourages hydration with a source of unlimited premium filtered water available on demand.

*Survey of 1,000 participants, 3GEM in collaboration with BRITA Professional, February 2018


Peace of mind

With over 50 years’ experience in water filtration, you can rely on BRITA VIVREAU as the water dispenser experts. 

With a dedicated in-house service team of engineers and customer service colleagues, you know you will be well looked after.

Want to modernise your workplace interior but not sure where to begin?

Here are our top tips to incorporate a dash of black into your office design:

Black ViTap

Upgrade and Elevate

Elevate the interior of your workspace by incorporating sleek and modern appliances. The addition of the matte black ViTap adds a touch of class to any work environment.

Upgrade your water offering - the VIVREAU ViTap is the easy to use multifunctional water dispenser perfect for hydration stations, office spaces and conference and banqueting venues.

Office Design - Plants and Yellow Chair

Keep it simple

Keeping your workspace design simple will open the space and make it seem larger and brighter.

Using an additional bright colour as an accent is a great way to add a 'pop' to a simple black and white design.

Barstools in Office Space Design

Choose your furniture wisely

This can be an exciting part of office design, but it is also something that you want to consider carefully.

To add a dramatic dash of black without making the space feel too dark, consider adding black steel legs to your desks, bar stools or coffee tables.

Office Design - Green Accent Wall

Accent walls

Accent walls can be a great statement as well as a feature in any room, hepling to add some excitement and diversify the space.

Try white floors and walls to create a contrast and add texture and patterns into the office, with comfy cushions or plants.

If you would like more advice on finding the right hydration solution to support your workplace, contact us today or request a quote:  

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