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Join Dougie Poynter and The Whale Watchers on an unforgettable summer adventure!

With research highlighting that, 70% of children aged 7-11 are worried about the future of the planet, and nearly 60% are worried about plastic pollution affecting sea animals, we’re proud to bring you The Whale Watchers. A book that explores the role whales play in the fight against climate change, and why we need to protect them from the dangers of single-use plastic pollution.

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A message from Dougie

"I’m so excited to share my new book with you. Few animals do more for our climate than whales so it’s really important that we all do our part in protecting these Goliaths of the ocean.  

I first started to understand the lasting damage single-use plastic pollution is having on animals when a palaeontologist showed me a massive ball of plastic bags which was found in the body of a camel in the Sahara Desert, after the litter ended up there. It’s horrifying to think that this is happening everywhere – including in the ocean.  

Since that moment, I have continually campaigned to change the way we use and consume plastics. The Whale Watchers is the next instalment in my efforts to educate children and adults, and I’m really proud to have partnered with BRITA and WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) to produce this novel. 

The Whale Watchers really highlights that when businesses, charities and people come together, we can really make a change."

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Although it can feel overwhelming thinking about single-use plastic pollution, there are a number of little actions we can all take, which, when joined together make a really big difference.  

You can follow in the footsteps of The Whale Watchers by trying these changes at home and in your community.  

When you’re getting ready for adventures and days out this summer, and beyond, why not make a switch from takeaway lunches which come wrapped in plastic packaging and bottles? Instead, get great tasting water on the go, with a BRITA Active bottle, or fill a reusable bottle you already have with filtered water from a BRITA jug, and pack home-made sandwiches in containers, just like Jesse and Finn’s mum does on the train with her trusty Tupperware tubs.

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Finn knows that reducing and reusing is the best way to combat single-use plastic waste but if you do use plastic (once it can’t be reused any more) check the symbols on the label to see if it can be recycled and place it in the correct recycling bin.

You can take your used BRITA filter to your closest recycling point.

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If you’d really like to follow in the footsteps of The Whale Watchers, why not sign up to a beach clean, a great thing to do whilst you are away on holiday, or at home. Have a search online for cleans local to wherever you are.

Alternatively, adopt the ‘Take 3 for the sea’ moto set by Leave No Trace in Brighton, which encourages you to pick up three pieces of rubbish every time you visit a beach. 

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Get your whole school involved!

If you’re a teacher and your pupils have been inspired by The Whale Watchers and want to learn more, BRITA has created a range of detailed and insightful teaching resources, which focus on the vital role whales play in the fight against climate change and how to create a more sustainable reuse culture. 

The resources include assembly plans, group and individual activities, home learning ideas, discussion guides, SEND ideas, active learning, linked resources, and even a whole-school project. All resources have been linked to the national curriculum and have also been adapted for lower and upper key stage two classes.  

The free resource pack can be downloaded below. 

Another way to get your school involved is to enter our competition and be in with a chance of winning a £3,000 sustainability grant for your school. Continue reading to find out more.  

Download FREE school resources today

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The Whale Watchers - Teaching Resources

(PDF, 11.58 MB)
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Girl drawing for the BRITA School Competition

School Competition

BRITA is inviting schools and community youth groups up-and-down the country to take part in an exciting competition to win £3,000 to spend on a sustainability initiative of their choice, based on an area they are focused on improving within their school or youth group.  

Each participating school child needs to create a unique and compelling design for the BRITA recycling bin that will inspire others to reduce, reuse and recycle to protect the environment.

Children drawing for BRITA School Competition

Chance to win

The school or youth group with the best design will be selected by our judging panel, which will include Whale and Dolphin Conservation Chief Executive Chris Butler-Stroud. The winning entrant will be rewarded with a grant for a scheme of their choosing and a BRITA bundle for the family of the child that created the standout drawing. The selected designs will also be incorporated on future BRITA recycling bins across the country! 

Two runners-up will also receive a BRITA bundle.

School children with Dougie Poynter for BRITA's school competiton

Get your entry pack

The entry pack will include everything you need to get started, including a USB with the entry templates and The Whale Watchers teaching resources, a BRITA filter recycling bin and a copy of The Whale Watchers. To request an entry pack for your school or youth group, email and state the school or youth group address for the pack to be sent to and who it should be sent to.   

Entries to the competition, which can be scanned in once completed, need to be sent back to by the 28th October. Judging will take place from the 31st October and a winner will be announced by the 11th November. 

We can’t wait to see your entries - good luck! 

Full T's & C's

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Supporting WDC

For over five years, BRITA has been working tirelessly with WDC as a long-term charity partner to support sustainable behaviour change in the UK. The growing issue of single-use plastics in the ocean is a threat to whales and dolphins, with a recent report finding that 68% of species are negatively affected by plastic pollution and that is only going to increase.  

BRITA and WDC has been working to raise awareness of these important issues among business leaders, politicians and high-profile individuals to create further momentum behind reducing single-use plastic waste. BRITA is committed to reducing single-use plastic waste and minimising the use of disposable plastic bottles, which cause significant damage to the ocean. Plastic pollution is a severe threat to marine life, as sea creatures find themselves snared in pieces of plastic, fish mistake it for food, and corals are destroyed by floating waste.  

Find out more here.