Waitress draws water from Fill countertop

The VIVREAU Fill - Our new mains-fed water dispenser

  • Perfect for high water consumption environments
  • Efficiently dispenses unlimited amounts of filtered water on demand
  • Ideal for offices, hospitality, conference, and event venues

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Fill dispenser on bar

Why choose the BRITA VIVREAU Fill?

  1. Efficiency: The Fill dispenses unlimited amounts of fresh, filtered water quickly – perfect for high consumption areas.

  2. Sustainability: Eliminate single use plastic bottled water – greatly enhancing your sustainability efforts.

  3. Hygienic: Equipped with our ThermalGateTM technology that thermally disinfects the nozzle – removing any contamination and germs.

  4. Save money: Save on buying, transporting, and storing pre-bottled water. Our customers save £000’s a month switching to a VIVREAU dispenser.

  5. Leading technology: Equipped with the latest class-leading features such as TwinFilling – allowing you to fill two bottles at one time.

  6. Different water options: Four types of water to choose from: ambient and chilled still, plus two sparkling water options.

The VIVREAU Fill comes in an array of options – ensuring we have a product that suits any setting:

Fill tap with swing bottles

Integrated tap

The Fill tap system is installed directly on a surface and can be fitted with or without a drip tray depending on your set up.

Fill dispenser on counter


Compact model that is ideal for environments with limited under-counter space.

Floor standing fill dispenser

Floor standing

Fitted with a base cabinet, the Fill floor standing model can be flexibly installed throughout your premises.

See for yourself how the VIVREAU Fill can benefit your business

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What are the benefits of the BRITA VIVREAU Fill?

Fill dispenser floor standing

Improved sustainability while saving money

Ditch single-use plastic for good and cut out the expense and emissions caused by buying, transporting and cooling bottled water.

By switching to a VIVREAU Fill water dispenser, you can help your business reach its sustainability goals and do your bit for the environment, while also saving huge amounts of time and money on purchasing pre-bottled water. A win-win for your business and the planet.

To highlight this, a company who uses 100L of drinking water a day would instantly eliminate 506kg of waste per year by switching to a BRITA VIVREAU system.

Fill tap on bar with people

Powerful & efficient

The Fill comes with new smart features to make your life easier and more efficient:

  • SmoothFinishing: portion control that ensures bottles are filled accurately every time.
  • Twin Filling: allowing you to fill two bottles simultaneously.
  • BottleGuard: drip tray pins ensure the glass or bottle is aligned with the tap, allowing quick, easy positioning and filling of bottles.
  • Touch display: a simple and intuitive user interface.
Fill dispenser tap filling bottles

Pair with BRITA Bottles

Elevate your water offering with our elegant and sustainable water bottle range. We have eye catching glass bottles for both still and sparking water that pair perfectly with the VIVREAU Fill.

  • Branded bottles, personalised with your logo.
  • A range of designs and sizes depending on your needs and preference.
  • Perfect for table service in your bar or restaurant.
  • A great option for hotel conference and meeting rooms.
  • Our range of accessories include crates, wash trays, base units and extenders, engineered specifically to suit our dispenser and bottle range.

Discover more information about our bottle range here:

Hannah Plumb - Head of Restaurants, The Alchemist

Alchemist logo

We’ve saved £10,000 a month since installing BRITA VIVREAU’s systems, eliminating the need to buy and store bottled water for our customers.

Contact for dispensers
+44 345 674 9655
Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

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Want to find out more? Download the VIVREAU Fill brochure:

Fill dispenser integrated tap

BRITA VIVREAU Fill Product Brochure

(PDF, 4.85 MB)
Download now