BRITA MAXTRA+ water filter cartridges 12 pack

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Maximum convenience: MAXTRA+ 12 pack provides filtered water for up to 48 weeks.

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MAXTRA+ filter cartridge

All our expertise in one filter:

The MAXTRA+ Universal filter with unique BRITA MicroFlow Technology – our most powerful water filtration for soft and hard water areas. Use it for hot and cold drinks.

Handling of MAXTRA+

Easy handling guide

How to prepare your MAXTRA+ filter cartridge, step by step:

  1. Fill your clean BRITA water filter jug with cold water.
  2. Immerse the cartridge in cold water, shaking gently to reduce any air bubbles. 
  3. Insert the cartridge firmly into the funnel until you hear a click. 
  4. Filter and discard the first two fillings of filtered water. Now your cartridge is ready to filter great tasting water.

Tip: MAXTRA+ filter cartridges fit MAXTRA and new BRITA water filter jugs.

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Set water filter refill reminder

Would you like to receive a reminder when it is time to exchange your MAXTRA+ water filter cartridge? You can download a calendar entry here: Refill reminder calendar entry

Our filtration expertise gives you great tasting water

Filtration animation BRITA MAXTRA+

Filtration in a nutshell

Filtration BRITA MAXTRA+

Superfine mesh retains coarse particles coming from pipes

MAXTRA+ Ion exchange resin

Powerful Ion Exchange pearls

  • block limescale 
  • build up soften the water
  • help to protect appliances
  • reduce metals like lead and copper that might occur in old pipes
MAXTRA+ MicroCarbon pearls

MicroCarbon pearls made from coconut shells

  • lock away chlorine and other odour impairing substances in its millions of pores
  • deliver pure and fresh taste

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We apologise but this item is currently unavailable in the BRITA Online Shop. Discover your shopping options:

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