Coffee being poured in a coffee cup and BRITA PURITY C iQ system.

Game-changing innovation for consistent cup quality

Introducing BRITA PURITY C iQ - the industry’s first data-driven and self-regulating filtration system.

We know you’re passionate about creating amazing coffee.

But with water quality varying from city to city, even street to street – delivering a consistent cup can be a challenge. That’s where BRITA comes in. We’ve put years of filtration expertise to the test – to bring you the solution.

Combining a smart, easy-to-install filter head with real-time data the BRITA PURITY C iQ portal provides insight into your water quality, in a way that has never been possible before.

So, no matter how many coffee machines or sites you’re managing – you know you’ll deliver an amazing cup of coffee, every time.

  • Eliminate the guesswork: with a filter which automatically monitors and adjusts its bypass settings to water hardness.
  • Reduce the risk of machine breakdowns: with automatic updates on the water usage and the remaining lifetime of your filter.
  • Eliminate installation issues: our plug-and-play technology means installation is easier than ever. Without the risk of installation errors, your machines will stay scale-free and run efficiently.
  • Deliver perfect coffee, in every cup:  Give your customers a consistently high-quality experience, no matter which site they are visiting.

The BRITA PURITY C iQ makes keeping your machines in top condition easier than ever. So, you can focus on what your business does best, making great-tasting hot beverages.

PURITY C iQ: our revolutionary smart water filtration system

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Traffic Light PURITY C iQ system

Traffic light indicator

A handy traffic light indicator makes it quick and simple to plan service visits. It shows which filters need immediate attention, so you can ensure maintenance visits are booked at the optimum time. The remaining filter cartridge lifetime, the filter capacity, the water consumption of the past week and the last activity are all available - at a glance.


Time remaining in weeks

Ensure your equipment is kept in top condition by never missing a filter exchange. Filter out limescale, avoid costly breakdowns and keep your hot beverages tasting delicious.


Capacity remaining in litres

As a business with multiple sites, your filter usage may vary with location. Understanding your filter’s water usage and remaining capacity in litres will mean replacements can be booked at the optimum moment.

BRITA C iQ portal

Custom search function

You’re in control. Categorise your filter heads and name them in any way you want. Create search functions and filters which suit your business.


Weekly email notifications

Work smarter, not harder. Rely on our automation to streamline your work. No more manual checking of service visits, we’ll send you weekly notifications on the status of all of your devices.


Groups the filter heads for you

Understand trends in filter usage across your sites. Make your job even easier by sharing this information with a registered service technician.

Kasjan Orzol, Coffee Technical Manager, GAIL’s

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Water quality is the unsung hero of great tasting coffee and reliable equipment. Operating predominantly in hard water areas we put a lot of emphasis on monitoring our filtration systems, reporting it on a weekly basis. Our baristas have a great understanding of its importance and have been utilising BRITA’s PURITY C iQ digital counters to take ownership of filter changes. We can see how our quality and equipment controls can now become remarkably easier and less time-consuming with BRITA’s latest innovation that will deliver consistent cup quality every time.