Turn the tide on the plastic ocean

Between 5 and 13 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year.
It’s time to reduce our plastic waste and Swap For Good.

BRITA Style jug
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Wake up to the great taste of BRITA

56% of all whale and dolphin species have been recorded eating plastic they’ve mistaken for food - It’s time to make a change. Choose BRITA and Swap For Good.

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Bottles make up 67% of household plastic recycling

Plastic is damaging our environment and marine life. 36 million plastic bottles are used every day in the UK but over 5.5 billion household plastic bottles weren’t collected to be recycled from UK households last year.

Whale swimming the ocean

Plastic waste is here to stay for 450 Years

A single use plastic bottle that makes its way into the ocean can take 450 years to break down. That’s twice as long as a Bowhead whale – one of the longest living creatures on the planet.

Reduce your plastic waste

The impact of just one bottle

A single 1L bottle could break down into enough small fragments to put one on every mile of beach in the entire world. Choosing BRITA can help you eliminate the need to buy plastic water bottles.

Why BRITA filtered water

Great tasting water

Turns tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water.

Plastic Footprint

1 MAXTRA+ cartridge = 100 x 1L bottles.


An ecological and convenient alternative to bottled water.


Benefit from budget-friendly advantages. And save money.

Just a few pence per litre

Great tasting filtered water from just a few pence per litre.

Enjoy the full flavour

The UK Tea Academy recommend MAXTRA+ for making the perfect cuppa.

Explore the Style jug

Our most stylish and innovative jug yet. Featuring a smart light cartridge exchange indicator ensuring great tasting water everyday - good for you and good for the environment.

BRITA jug Style

Product features

The Style jug is the perfect accessory for your kitchen thanks to its features, including a slim fridge fitting design, silicone flip-top lid, dishwasher safe (except lid) and 1.4L filtered water capacity.

Featuring our best ever cartridge

Our New Formula MAXTRA+ cartridge features a 25 percent finer mesh for better reduction of coarse particles, providing great tasting water.

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