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How can the coffee sector reach a sustainable future?

Which sustainability initiatives matter most? What are the biggest barriers to overcome? We carried out research with 500 coffee businesses and spoke to leaders in the coffee sector to find out.

Download the full toolkit below to see the results for yourself and discover what your business do now to reach a sustainable future.

Download the latest toolkit: Serving Coffee Sustainably


The School of Expertise

(PDF, 8.1 MB)
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The role of suppliers in taking sustainability to the next level

The research carried out shows that the role of suppliers is key in helping coffee operators overcome barriers to sustainability and reach their CSR goals. 

In particular, there is a lack of knowledge within the coffee sector on how to take sustainability to the next level and, as such, operators will be looking to suppliers to provide this intel. 

Download the new toolkit  which provides insight into how suppliers can stay competitive by helping operators overcome barriers to sustainability.

Download the Catering School of Expertise Toolkit

Catering School of Expertise

Catering School of Expertise

(PDF, 9.27 MB)
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Download the Collaborative Kitchen Report

The Pursuit of optimum Kitchen Efficiency

The collaborative kitchen

(PDF, 3.31 MB)
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The Collaborative Kitchen Podcast Series: With Kate Nicholls

Introducing our Podcast Series: Listen to thought provoking discussions from some of hospitality’s leading influencers and advice and insight into the most pressing issues facing hospitality businesses today.

In this episode, listen to CEO of UKHospitality, Kate Nicholls, as she shares her thoughts on the key challenges facing hospitality businesses, such as staffing issues, rising business rates and the competition on the high street, and what these mean for the future of the industry.

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Hayden Groves, professional chef

The Collaborative Kitchen Podcast Series: With Hayden Groves

In this episode, hear Hayden Groves, Consultant Chef at Borough Market, share his insights on creating a productive and efficient working environment and team based on his experience as Executive Chef at BaxterStorey, and working with some of the country’s leading producers at Borough Market.

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The Collaborative Kitchen Podcast Series: With Mark Lewis

In our final episode of the series, listen as Mark Lewis, Chief Executive of Hospitality Action, discusses the challenges facing hospitality employees and the implications these can have on their lives, changing attitudes in the sector towards mental health and installing a culture which promotes a work life balance, as well as how to make sure your kitchen environment can help to promote this.

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Discover how sustainability can boost your sales

With two-thirds (67%) of UK consumers recently stating they would boycott brands that lack an ethical conscience and one third of consumers saying they are choosing to buy from brands doing social or environmental good, it is clear that having sustainable credentials can actually improve customer loyalty and help to boost sales.

While we focus on ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients, it’s essential to consider the water’s sustainability too.

By choosing BRITA, you can rest assured knowing sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from the way we produce and transport our products to the insightful tips and research we have compiled to help you in our Sustainability Toolkit.