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It's time to get your green on with Joanna Lumley and BRITA!

Discover our 10 Steps to Greening Good Guide; eco-friendly tips to ease your green guilt. 

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Introducing the NEW integrated water filter tap

Get freshly filtered water and tap water, straight from your integrated water filter tap. The easy way to ditch wasteful plastic bottles, for good!

BRITA water hardness test strip

How hard is your water?

Request your free water hardness test strip today and discover how to get the best water you can at home.

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Design your own water with BRITA. Get to know the story behind us: More than 50 years of our team´s passion flow into filtering your water. Find out, how it all began and why to choose BRITA – watch now:

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BRITA filters being sorted for recycling

Recycling BRITA filters

A BRITA filter can filter up to 100 litres of water, and once it’s done you can hand it back to us for recycling

Box of ‘Blend it like BRITA’ tea

The first ever tea curated by the British public

As a nation united by its love of tea, we wanted to know what makes the perfect cuppa

A whale in the ocean

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Reducing single use plastic and protecting the marine environment, find out about the important work done by WDC

happy employee with a balloon

The top 3 ingredients for healthy and happy employees

Find out how to create a workspace that boosts the health and happiness of your staff

Professional chefs in a busy kitchen

BRITA Managed Services

Discover how we can help you prevent machine breakdowns and the costly repair costs that come with them.