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In the BRITA Water Academy, you will find suitable further education and training opportunities for our Professional Filter products and services. Our water training courses are specially designed to meet the needs of baristas, catering retailers, machine manufacturers, vending operators and service technicians.

In our interactive training courses, we impart theoretical and practical knowledge about water, the diverse possibilities of water optimisation, the correct use of water treatment technologies and the correct installation of our filter systems.

That’s not all, you will also get the opportunity to learn more about how different locations can impact the taste of your water, the science behind making the perfect beverage, and get expert advice on how to look after your equipment to save you money.

Once you have attended one of our water training sessions you will also get your very own certification to show your participation in our Water Academy training programme.

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Samantha Scoles

Sales Director for BRITA Professional

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Jenny Scarrott

Business Account Manager


Christopher Fay

Business Account Manager


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Business Account Manager


Paul Whitehead

Business Account Manager

Benjamin Lewis, Brand Manager at Sanremo UK

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Our team had a great away day at BRITA Group to further their knowledge about water composition and filtration. Water makes up 98% of coffee and is something often overlooked when installing machines as different parts of the country can greatly vary in terms of water hardness, which in turn can have a profound impact on the finished cup of coffee and the machine health. At BRITA’s water training session, the team tested water brought from each of their homes to find out just how massively the variation can be and why we need to make sure that filtration is set up correctly! Thanks for having us guys we can’t wait to put our new knowledge to the test!