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Make a positive difference

Helping your business reach its sustainability goals

Our BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers produce 86% less carbon emissions than bottled water

We are committed to do our part to fight the ongoing climate emergency. 
To do this, we analysed every element of our water dispensers – down to the smallest details – to ensure we had a complete understanding on the impact the production and operation of our dispensers have on the environment. 
We are proud of the results, however these are just the first steps. We will continue to put actions into place to reduce our impact even more.


BRITA VIVREAU water dispenser

Reduce your carbon footprint with a BRITA VIVREAU water dispenser

Enhancing energy efficiency has always been at the very heart of designing BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers. We take pride in carefully selecting suppliers and materials with sustainability in mind.
Our dispensers built in cooler is equipped with a natural refrigerant that has minimal environmental impact and does not deplete our precious ozone layer. As an added bonus, it also minimises your power consumption – saving you money.

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Reduce plastic waste

BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers significantly reduce the amount of waste produced by your organisation – as well as eliminating the negative environmental impact of production and transportation of pre-packaged bottled water.
In fact, did you know that…

More than 4 billion bottles are replaced per year by drinking BRITA filtered water instead of bottled water.

That’s enough to go around the equator 35 times. 

Markus Hankammer, CEO of the BRITA Group

Headshot of Markus Hankammer

Changing the way people drink water is my passion and the shared vision of our company. As a global BRITA family, we are determined to make our world a little better, with less plastic waste, fewer emissions and, quite simply, more responsibility.

Two BRITA Twist bottles

Lowering emissions

By switching to one of our water dispensers for your business you could save 1.3 tonnes of CO2 per year (based on an annual water consumption of 10,000 litres). 

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Save our oceans

If 100 people drink approximately 1 litre of filtered water daily from a BRITA VIVREAU water dispenser rather than bottled water, this equals 506kg less plastic waste per year – the equivalent to a new born grey whale!


Be sustainable and save money

Sustainable solutions are often seen as more costly, but this isn’t always the case. Our dispensers are built to last, with replaceable components and filtration technology to prevent break downs. 

Our Planet Contribution

We’re introducing KPIs to measure both our Product Impact and our Company Carbon Footprint. Watch this video to find out more.

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Ditch the plastic and enjoy greater well-being

Make the switch from bottled water to a mains-fed dispenser and improve your carbon footprint by 86%. Having consistently great-tasting water available encourages hydration, improving productivity and satisfaction. And this is just one of many benefits of using a BRITA VIVREAU water dispenser.

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Download our brochure to learn more about how we are tackling our environmental impact

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Your sustainable water solution

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Contact us find out more about how we can help your business achieve its sustainability goals

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