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Why BRITA Dispensers

Your helpful hub for all things BRITA VIVREAU

Welcome to our 'Why BRITA Dispensers' section of the website. You can expect to find important details about our processes, what to expect from us and what we need from you and your business. There are plenty of reasons why you should choose BRITA VIVREAU and you can discover those below.

Our services

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The installation process - What should you expect?

We provide details of what the installation process looks like when you buy or rent a dispenser from BRITA VIVREAU.

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Maintaining your dispenser - how can we help?

To maintain your dispenser performance, regular maintenance will need to be carried out. Find out how we can help with that.

Cost and energy savings (880x880)

Cost savings and energy efficiency

We offer a great range of products to suit all needs. But how else can we help? We save you money.

Water dispenser sustainability

Sustainable progress

Read more around our journey with sustainability and where we want to go next.

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Discover the science behind the processes at play with your dispenser. We pull the curtain back to explain how some of it works.

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Supporting our 50 years experience, we can demonstrate both our expertise and how our products meet the required industry standards.

Related content

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Say hello to the BRITA product assistant

We have officially launched the BRITA Product Assistant, powered by AI, for a seamless and efficient customer experience with just a few clicks.


Customer Stories - Zurich Insurance

As one of the world’s leading and most sustainable insurers, Zurich Insurance Group has taken significant strides towards its purpose to ‘create a brighter future together’. To support this mission and nurture a culture of sustainability in their offices, Zurich chose BRITA as their water filtration supplier.

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Unlocking the rewards of ditching plastic bottles

The impact of plastic bottles on the environment is becoming increasingly obvious and while waste reduction remains high on the priority list, there are many other benefits of making the switch from bottled water to a water dispenser.

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