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Installing BRITA Water Dispensers

Once there is an agreement in place for a rental or a purchase of a BRITA VIVREAU dispenser, installation is the first step to a seamless journey with BRITA VIVREAU. Installations are carried out by our own BRITA engineers.

All BRITA VIVREAU engineers go through a rigorous training process and are WHA Mains-fed Installation Standards & Water Regulations Course certified. All BRITA VIVREAU engineers complete an initial 12 week training program at our dedicated training academy, where they are able to develop and advance their knowledge and skills across our dispenser product portfolio. All training is delivered in a controlled safe test environment and allows our engineers to complete installation, maintenance & repair. In summary, your dispenser is installed by a team of experienced and qualified experts.

Getting a water dispenser installed by BRITA

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At BRITA VIVREAU we offer a diverse product portfolio and we are committed to providing you with a solution that suits your needs. Now you’ve chosen BRITA as your preferred dispenser provider, there is a necessary discovery phase.

We need the following key questions answered to ensure we can support you:

  • How many people will this dispenser be serving on a daily basis?
  • What do you need your dispenser to provide?
  • Who is the intended user of the product? Staff, clients, both?
  • How will it be used – for example in a social environment, key elevator placement or a communal kitchen?
  • Have you considered the location and space for the dispenser?

If you are an existing BRITA customer and are upgrading existing taps or considering moving dispensers to a new location, this process is still very similar. You may have different needs and priorities now, we give the same expertise and advice.

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BRITA Installation Service

All BRITA VIVREAU dispenser products installed by BRITA engineers adhere to the UK water regulations and are configured to the end user's requirements. Selecting our BRITA VIVREAU dispenser installation service means that there are no nasty surprises.

Dedicated expert engineers and customer service team
BRITA approved filters and components
Service packages that fit your requirements
Proactive filter changes to keep your equipment and water at its best

How To Get A Water Dispenser Installed By BRITA?

What to expect from BRITA

You can begin your enquiry with BRITA through our online form below or by calling 0345 674 9655. Following that we will be able to assign your enquiry to the relevant person with some basics questions.

As part of the purchasing process with BRITA VIVREAU, there are several moving elements that will align in the background. Following in-depth conversations with a member of our dedicated sales team, any installation plans will be aligned with a coordinator. It is then their responsibility to manage the moving parts of deliveries, lead times, dates and engineering timetables that will form the planning phase of your successful BRITA installation service. Coordinators play a pivotal role across the business, receiving e-surveys, risk assessments and remain the point of contact for the first week following installation. For complex installations or of a particularly high volume, they will also be involved with arranging a site survey.

What we need from you

Ahead of time a welcome package that includes ‘preparing the space’ will be sent to you that advises any work prior to our visit that needs to be completed. Parking, access to the right areas and the installation space being prepared need to be considered.

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