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Kind to the planet

Being gentle to the environment, carefully using natural resources and reducing waste are at the core of our company and products. Back in 1992, we became the first company in our industry to establish a recycling programme for used cartridges. Today, a refined process ensures all parts of BRITA cartridges are properly reused or recycled. At the heart of our recycling scheme is our own regeneration system with an integrated wastewater facility at our headquarters in Taunusstein, Germany. Join our efforts to be kind to the planet: recycle your used cartridges!

Every little counts

There are various ways to return your used filter cartridges. However, the exact methods often vary from country to country. We recommend reaching out to your local BRITA hotline for information on how to best recycle cartridges in your region. In many countries, those with BRITA Professional solutions enjoy used cartridge collection as standard when your new cartridges are delivered. Enquire with your local BRITA Professional customer service to find out what is available in your area.

Above and beyond recycling cartridges, at BRITA, we take extra steps to help ensure our planet will be enjoyed by generations to come. Our corporate responsibility programme “Balance the Impact” is just one way we actively try to minimise or reduce our carbon emissions. And lessen our environmental impact.

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