Unlocking the rewards of ditching plastic bottles

Reap the benefits by swapping to a water dispenser

The impact of plastic bottles on the environment is becoming increasingly obvious, with between 5 and 13 million tonnes of plastic currently ending up in the planet’s oceans every year. While waste reduction remains high on the priority list, there are also many other benefits waiting to be unlocked by making the switch from bottled water to a water dispenser.
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The power of free refills

A simple change such as offering customers free refills can drive loyalty in your target audience. In fact, we found that 64% of consumers would be more likely to return to an establishment for future purchases if they could refill their water bottle[1]. In addition, two thirds said they would choose a business that offered free refills over a competitor[1].

With unlimited hot and cold filtered mains-fed water, BRITA VIVREAU hot water dispensers make free refills an easy offering that could keep customers coming back. 

The BRITA VIVREAU Fill T-Tap or Fill Pro, for example, with TwinFilling technology allows staff to fill two bottles simultaneously to help staff serve their customers quickly and easily.

[1] Water, water, everywhere, 2018 Moving from awareness to action on single-use plastic bottles - BRITA/Keep Britain Tidy

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A personal experience

Consumers are increasingly looking for a personal touch in their experience of hospitality, particularly as the industry returns to a more standard way of serving post-Covid.

Simple switches like having your logo on a reusable water glass bottle, as opposed to selling another plastic bottled product, can help to elevate guest experience and boost the awareness of your brand and sustainability efforts.

BRITA VIVREAU reusable glass bottles, available in five unique designs, can be customised with the business’s logo and a message about your sustainable water offer – something which really appeals to guests.

Fewer deliveries and less energy

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Having unlimited filtered hot and cold water on tap would not only save huge quantities of plastic bottles ending up in landfill or in the ocean, but it will also help to reduce the wider carbon footprint of your business. And don't forget to cater to all tastes by providing a sparkling water option too.

When you consider British consumers use an average of 7.7 billion plastic bottles of water a year, the impact of reducing the transportation routes for water by moving away from plastic could be staggering. By installing a water dispenser in your establishment you can make use of your own resources already on site without compromising on water quality.

Furthermore, without having to store countless water bottles in fridges ready for service, energy can be conserved through a reduction in refrigeration. The BRITA VIVREAU Extra C-Tap takes this one step further by harnessing the power of our natural, carbon-neutral R290 refrigerant, boosting your carbon-reduction efforts.

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