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Sparkling Water Dispensers

  • Mains-fed sparkling water dispensers for businesses
  • 4 instant water types: hot, still, semi-sparkling and sparkling
  • Great for restaurants, bars, and offices
  • Sustainable with premium hygiene and filtration features

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Our sparkling water dispensers & taps

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  • Mains-fed sparkling water tap
  • Instant filtered hot, cold, and sparkling water
  • Choice of two tap heights and two boiler sizes
Women at Top Pro small 710x400


  • Countertop or floor-standing model
  • Still and sparkling water cooler
  • Plumbed-in for instant access to carbonated water


  • Still and sparkling water dispenser tap
  • Available in two heights for bottles and glasses
  • Integrated for instant filtered sparkling water
BRITA VIVREAU Fill waterdispenser


  • Countertop or floor-standing model
  • Mains-fed still and sparkling water dispenser
  • TwinFilling fills two bottles or glasses at once
Waitress fills bottles with water using Fill T-Tap


  • Countertop still and sparkling water dispenser
  • Powerful dispenser with highest cooling capacity
  • TwinFilling for busy restaurants or bars

Commercial sparkling water dispensers

At BRITA, we sell sparkling water dispensers for a range of business sectors and industries. No matter what sector you’re in, keeping your employees and customers hydrated keeps them happy and with hot, cold and sparkling water dispensers you have a wide choice for your needs.

  • Offices – With still and sparkling water coolers, or the optional hot water, employees can enjoy refreshing drinks or a nice hot brew all in one place.
  • Hospitality – Perfect for restaurants, bars and cafes, you can have endless supply of instant water types for any drink with our sparkling water dispensers. And with TwinFilling you can fill two drinks at once for busy periods.

For more, take a look at our full range of industries in which our sparkling dispensers can be used. 

Fill Pro water dispenser in an office canteen

Why choose a sparkling water dispenser?

Great for businesses, sparkling water dispensers and taps are plumbed into your main water supply, meaning on-demand and instant sparkling water alongside either still or cold and hot water. All water types in one cooler to fit your needs with the option to choose either sparkling or semi-sparkling.

Benefits of our carbonated water dispensers are:

  • Powerful performance with cooling systems but quiet in use
  • Hygiene and filtration features supplying fresh, clean water
  • Stylish stainless steel designs to fit any workplace environment
  • Precision dispensing with the optional TwinFilling and SmoothFinishing features
  • Sustainable, economical operation with low power consumption and reduces plastic use
  • Easy-to-use touch interface with plain text, making it simple to adjust settings

Have any questions or want to purchase a water dispenser?

Contact us today for a free quote

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How does a sparkling water dispenser work?

Our integrated taps, freestanding and countertop sparkling water dispensers are plumbed into your main water supply, meaning it draws water from your pipes. This is a great sustainable option as you’re not using plastic bottles or having to replace any dispensers as our sparkling water coolers give instant access to an endless supply of water.

When the water is pulled into the system, it goes through a filtration process, removing 99.99% of bacteria. By using our touchpad, you can select the type of water you wish; cold water goes through a cooling system, hot water gets passed through a boiler, and pressurised carbon dioxide gets added to make sparkling water. This allows your employees or customers to enjoy beautifully tasting water instantly.

Buy or rent sparkling water coolers

With flexible finance options, you can choose to outright buy or rent our mains-fed carbonated water dispensers. With options including 4 water types; unchilled and chilled still, semi sparkling and sparkling water, and 5 in 1 sparkling water dispensers with the added choice of hot water. Whether you’re looking for floorstanding, countertop sparkling dispensers, or integrated taps, contact our team today for a quote and we can find the best option for your business.

Buying Benefits:

  • One-time payment
  • Option to choose a maintenance package
  • Installed by our experts

Renting Benefits:

  • Flexible payment options for monthly instalments
  • Maintenance included in your plan
  • Expert installation and ongoing support

Find out more about BRITA office water dispenser buying and renting options.

Buying or renting process

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  • We'll call you back
  • Tell us your business needs


  • We come to your business
  • Workplace consultations
  • Find the best solution for your needs
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  • Choose a date to suit you
  • Carried out by BRITA engineers
  • Receive welcome pack before installation

Sparkling water dispenser articles

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Drinking sparkling water has a number of benefits, and not just helping you stay hydrated. This refreshing water is versatile, hydrating and helps you feel full.

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Tap Systems vs Freestanding Models

If you are torn between choosing a free-standing dispenser or a tap water system for your workspace or elsewhere, we are here to help. Here, we will explore the benefits of both tap water systems and free-standing water coolers.

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Is Sparkling Water Hydrating?

Hydration is vital for staying healthy, it's a well-known fact that staying hydrated is important. And the way to ensure you stay hydrated is to drink plenty of water.

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