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Tap Systems vs Freestanding Dispensers

At BRITA, we provide both free-standing and tap system water dispensers. Discover more about their benefits and how to choose between them.

The BRITA water dispenser range features both tap systems and freestanding solutions. If you are torn between choosing a freestanding dispenser or a tap water system for your workspace or elsewhere, we are here to help. Here, we will explore the benefits of both tap water systems and freestanding water coolers. You will be able to weigh up their differences and benefits to best suit your needs. BRITA water coolers and taps are a great option for hospitality, the healthcare sector, office spaces, the manufacturing industry, schools, and universities.

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An Introduction to Water Coolers

Mains-fed water coolers are a wonderful source of filtered, tasty and hygienic water. There is a versatile range of options to choose from, meaning you are sure to find the right product for any environment.

BRITA watercooler options include:

  • Countertop dispensers
  • Floor standing dispensers
  • Tap system dispensers

Similar to floor standing and countertop water coolers, here at BRITA we offer tap water systems too. Our tap water systems are sleek, smart and stylish. They feature a brushed stainless-steel designer tap with a glass touch panel.

Below, we examine the variety of excellent benefits BRITA freestanding and tap system water dispensers have to offer.

The advantages of tap and freestanding dispensers include:

Perfect for any environment

As we have mentioned, water coolers are a great addition to a workspace. Choosing a cooler for your office, healthcare environment, or restaurant provides employees and guests with mains-fed hot, cold, and sparkling water on demand. It is notable that according to a study by The University of East London, "water supplementation positively affects cognitive performance in children and adults." Proving the importance of supplying water for hydration in a workplace or educational facility.

The BRITA VIVREAU Top Pro water dispenser is a great fit for offices and manufacturing sites. It offers four refreshing types of water, includes premium hygiene features and is easily accessible for those in wheelchairs as it has barrier-free access.

See the BRITA VIVREAU Top Pro water dispenser. 

Focus on sustainability

Drinking water systems, floor standing systems and countertop water coolers are a very efficient way of doing your bit for the environment. Installing one of these sustainable solutions encourages the use of reusable water bottles. As you can fill up a reusable bottle with water from a dispenser, both freestanding and tap systems, this drastically reduces the wastage of single-use plastic.

See the BRITA VIVREAU Fill T-Tap and Fill Pro, BRITA’s most powerful dispensers ideal for reducing plastic in restaurants, hotels and offices.

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Available with up to 5 Water Types

Both our freestanding and tap system hot water dispensers are available to provide a range of water types. This includes: unchilled still, chilled still, semi-sparkling, sparkling and hot water. Take a look at each product’s specification to discover how you can spec your dispenser to best suit your needs.

If you think a tap system is the right fit for your environment, the BRITA VIVREAU Extra C-Tap could be just the one for you! This signature water tap dispenser boasts an outstanding sleek design and state-of-the-art technology. With options for different types of water, including hot water (perfect for a morning tea!) on demand. This tap water dispenser is tailored to your needs with a choice of heights and boiler sizes.

See the BRITA VIVREAU Extra C-Tap.

Proven filtration technology

BRITA's products, including our tap systems, have proven BRITA filtration technology. The VIVREAU Top Pro and Top Pro Still, VIVREAU Extra I-Tap and VIVREAU Extra C-Tap are all available with BRITA’s HygienePlus solution, providing three-tiered protection against contaminants and infection. All of our water dispensers are also available with BRITA CLARITY Taste 50/100 filters which provide a pre-filter to remove coarse particles and activated carbon filtration to perfectly balance sterility and taste.

See the BRITA VIVREAU Extra I-Tap and discover its HygienePlus feature and more.

An economical solution

Both water coolers and tap systems are economical swaps from pre-bottled water. As you move from bottle-fed water cooler, opting for mains-fed water options means you save money on the daily costs of buying bottled water. The powerful filters BRITA provides in all water dispensers also help protect them from pollutants to lower their maintenance cost.

Interested in seeing more? Check out our BRITA Water Dispensers

Choosing the right system for your needs

There are a lot of beneficial crossovers when it comes to tap water systems and water coolers as they are all mains-fed, help sustainability, offer several types of water, and feature the latest in filtration and hygiene technology. However, tap water systems are notably smaller than freestanding dispensers and also provide a sleeker design. So, if space is something you are conscious of, a tap water system might be the one for you. Ultimately, the choice comes down to you and your needs. We suggest picking a water cooler or tap to suit your space.

Whichever water source you decide is the right fit, make sure to look at the BRITA service and maintenance options in the product descriptions. There is a range of service options available from the BRITA dedicated customer care and national engineering team.

Would you like to speak to someone from our customer service team? Contact us today.

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