Extra I-Tap

Timeless style hides proven BRITA filter technology. Adapts easily to offices or healthcare areas.

Extra I-Tap

  • Four refreshing water types: unchilled still, chilled still, semi-sparkling and sparkling to satisfy every thirst and taste
  • Effective safeguards with powerful BRITA ThermalGate™ heat disinfection and a leakage detection system both as standard
  • Outstanding hygiene from BRITA’s optional HygienePlus system, proven in stringent environments including manufacturing and medical
  • Choose from a medium capacity (50 l/h) or higher (85 l/h) version as well as a tall tap for bottles and a short tap for glasses
  • Optional, barrier-free Easy Access Panel for control accessibility at customizable heights
  • Intuitive glass touch pad control with pre-set portions so you can dispense a defined measure of water for glasses or bottles       

Extra I-Tap

Timeless style hides proven BRITA filter technology. Adapts easily to offices or healthcare areas.

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Extra I-Tap: your stylish, minimalistic, sustainable hydration station

A woman operates BRITA's Extra I-Tap in an office

Hydration excellence

Premium German design for offices. BRITA filters made in Germany, BRITA dispensers assembled at our facility in Italy.

BRITA's Wave bottle on a conference table

Sustainable from the start

BRITA has been green since day one, and we continue to reduce our – and your – environmental impact. People who drink BRITA filtered water, reduce the consumption of water in plastic bottles by four billion every single year.

BRITA's Extra I-Tap in a hospital

Safety and wellbeing

Based on 20+ years of experience serving the healthcare sectors, BRITA’s hygiene and reliability standards ensure you and your business stay hydrated and help everyone to perform at their best.

Discover more about the Extra I-Tap water dispenser


Extra I-Tap dispenser with a glass of water


Elegant design in durable stainless-steel, the dispenser tap is available in two heights – ideal for bottles and glasses.

Simple portioning of unchilled still, chilled still, sparkling and semi-sparkling water. Two pre-set portions satisfy everyone’s need for hydration at the press of a button. BRITA filters ensure excellent-tasting water from your existing mains supply.

Quiet in operation and intuitive to use with a glass touch pad interface, the dispenser conceals its powerful BRITA filtration technology and cooler capacity under the counter.

Our focus on sustainability means we can actively reduce negative environmental impact, worldwide. BRITA mains water dispensers produce up to seven times less CO2 than pre-bottled water.

One-stop solution: BRITA's qualified service engineers install and maintain the dispenser; an extensive range of accessories and financing options are available for the smoothest of hydration operation.

Different ways to customize BRITA's Extra I-Tab

Specs & customisation

Two capacities available for medium (50 l/h) or higher (85 l/h) consumption demands, both with two tap heights. Short tap (260 mm): ideal for glasses, cups and short bottles; tall tap (330 mm): ideal for all bottles.

Automatic dispensing: pre-set portions ideal for glasses or bottles can be dispensed automatically at the press of a button.

Accessible for everyone: optional Easy Access Panel is an additional operating unit that can be mounted at different heights for customised accessibility.

Tailored accessories: sold separately, including high quality glass bottles manufactured in Europe with various designs featuring hot-end glass coatings to strengthen the glass for repeated use. Compliant with standards for reusable sparkling beverage bottles.

Efficient cooling and size: compact aluminium cooling block technology reduces unit weight and size and requires just 0.35 kWh per day in standby mode. Unit dimensions are 272 x 490 x 473 mm.

BRITA Clarity Protect filtration

BRITA filtration

CLARITY Protect filter: for exceptionally clean and safe drinking water – every time.

  • Filters out finest particles such as micro plastics as well as 99.999 % of bacteria and 99.95 % of cysts through a hollow fibre membrane.
  • Effective substance retention. Substances that can have an adverse effect on the taste and aroma are reduced through activated carbon filtration. 
  • Potentially health affecting substances such as hormones, pesticides and drug residues are filtered out.
  • Removes coarse particles, such as sand, through pre-filtration to protect machinery.
  • Preserves minerals in water for the right balance.
HygienePlus icon

Hygiene & safety

Our end-to-end approach to hygiene starts in our facility in Italy. Which is followed by a spotless installation from our service technicians who plumb the dispenser into your mains water supply.

Hygiene is our hallmark and comes as standard with the BRITA ThermalGateTM preventing external contamination (from touching, sneezing) with automatic 120 °C heat-disinfection of the inner hose of the tap.

20+ years of healthcare sector experience has evolved into the BRITA HygienePlus option with our proven three-zone-protection, including the CLARITY Safe X3 offering the highest level of hygiene:

  1. A bacteria and cyst retaining inlet filter which additionally reduces substances that could impair taste and odour.
  2. The CLARITY Safe X3 filter for excellent water quality that fulfils highest drinking water standards and filters 99.99999 % of bacteria to ensure a reliably safe drinking water experience.
  3. The BRITA ThermalGateTM then shields the tap against external contamination at peak times, nights and weekends.

Regular and thorough maintenance is essential to ensure appropriate hygiene. Please speak to one of our dedicated customer care team to find out more.


Extra I-Tap Product Information (PDF, 42.046 MB)

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