Extra C-Tap

Our signature water dispenser with outstanding design and state-of-the-art technology. With optional instant hot water.

Product information:

  • Smart & stylish: brushed stainless-steel designer tap with glass touch panel above the counter; filter, carbonator, cooler and boiler out of sight below 
  • Five water types: unchilled or chilled still, semi-sparkling and sparkling – plus instant hot water e.g. for tea
  • Distinctively BRITA: premium mains-fed tap, plus the latest BRITA filtration and dispensing technology, and advanced hygiene and safety features
  • Tailor it to your needs: choice of two tap heights, two boiler sizes, optional Easy Access Panel and more…

Extra C-Tap

Our signature water dispenser with outstanding design and state-of-the-art technology. With optional instant hot water.

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Extra C-Tap: a sustainable and hygienic choice

Pile of plastic bottle waste

Ditch the plastic

Making the switch from pre-bottled water to a mains-fed water dispenser helps eliminate single-use plastic. A company with 100 employees could save 506 kg plastic waste per year by using a dispenser rather than plastic bottled water.

BRITA tap dispensing water

Dependable hygiene

BRITA filtration technology reduces unwanted substances from water, while the powerful BRITA ThermalGate™ hygiene feature regularly heats the tap to defend against germs.

Smiling woman dispenses water without watching

Safety first

Built-in safety includes leakage detection, emergency shut-off, and an anti-scalding feature. The boiler is equipped with sensors to detect overheating.

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Dispenser filling bottle and tea cup


A focus on sustainability: mains-fed water dispenser means no more waste from single-use bottles; boiler standby/night modes cut energy consumption

Premium design: durable, brushed stainless-steel tap, available in two heights – ideal for bottles,  glasses and cups

Choice of up to five water types: unchilled and chilled still, sparkling and semi-sparkling, plus hot water on demand 

Proven BRITA filtration technology: ensures excellent-tasting cold and hot water and prevents limescale.

Powerful ThermalGate™ hygiene feature: defends the dispenser tap against contamination from external sources, e.g. sneezing or touching

Intuitive interface: dispenser operation is simple; settings and information such as usage statistics are easy to access

One-stop solution: BRITA's qualified service engineers install and maintain the dispenser; an extensive range of accessories and financing options are available

Installed dispensers on floor unit

Installation options

Four dispenser variants: up to five water types: unchilled and chilled still, sparkling, semi-sparkling and hot water

Choice of two tap heights: short tap (260 mm): ideal for glasses, cups and short bottles; tall tap (330 mm): ideal for bottles 

Boiler capacities and energy-saving modes: for dispensers with hot water, there is a medium-sized or large boiler available with predefinable temperature settings. Optional standby/night modes help save energy

Automatic dispensing: pre-set portions ideal for glasses or bottles can be dispensed automatically at the press of a button

Range of accessories: sold separately; including the Easy Access Panel for barrier-free operation, wastewater container, branded BRITA bottles and more

Installed product with under-the-counter view


BRITA's signature water dispenser comes in four configurations with up to five water types. This determines which undercounter devices are required.

  1. CO2 bottle: For configurations with sparkling or semi-sparkling water
  2. Boiler: For instant hot water, available in two sizes
  3. Filter: PURITY C filter is designed for hot water, and reduces carbonate hardness, helping to prevent limescale
  4. Main unit: Cooler-carbonator with a system control panel for operating the dispenser
  5. Filter: CLARITY Protect is designed for cold water, and retains key minerals while reducing substances that negatively impact taste
BRITA Clarity Protect filtration

Hygiene & safety

CLARITY Protect filter: for exceptionally clean and safe drinking water – every time.

  • Filters out finest particles such as micro plastics as well as 99.999 % of bacteria and 99.95 % of cysts through a hollow fibre membrane.
  • Effective substance retention. Substances that can have an adverse effect on the taste and aroma are reduced through activated carbon filtration. 
  • Potentially health affecting substances such as hormones, pesticides and drug residues are filtered out.
  • Removes coarse particles, such as sand, through pre-filtration to protect machinery.
  • Preserves minerals in water for the right balance.

Hot water dispensers are additionally equipped with our PURITY C filter. The filter reduces carbonate hardness, helping to prevent limescale. It also removes substances from the water that could have a negative impact on taste.


Extra C-Tap Product Information (PDF, 5.59 MB)

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