Refill Your Cup

Latest research from BRITA shows when it comes to workplace wellbeing – it's all about connection!

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Refill Your Cup

Unlock the power of workplace wellbeing

75% of office workers say they would be more likely to stay in a job if they’ve built connections with colleagues. By taking a proactive approach to wellbeing, employers can effectively support their staff’s mental health, boost productivity and improve staff retention.

A culture of conversation could be the key for your employees

The numbers are clear; by facilitating positive relationships in the office, employers can improve staff wellbeing, staff productivity and staff retention.


These results show the huge number of the workforce that really value their relationships with fellow employees and the benefits that positive relationships between staff can have.

At BRITA VIVREAU, we want to help employers across all sectors use their office spaces to create supportive, positive and productive workplace cultures.

Our Refill Your Cup campaign aims to uncover what makes office workers tick; what helps their mental wellbeing, their motivation, and the importance that workplace culture has on their working lives.

Boosting productivity could be as simple as a tea break

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A recent study into workplace trends found that 28% of UK workers are asking for greater workplace mental health and wellbeing support from employers[1] . At the same time, seven in ten companies have mandated a return to the office for all employers[2].

This creates a problem that will need to be solved – how can employees be encouraged to return to the office and be supported with their mental health and wellbeing while at work?

Our research has shown that it could be as simple as ensuring amenities in your office are encouraging connections between your team. We found that 46% of workers said that facilities to make hot and cold drinks with a water dispenser help to facilitate conversations in the office and half (50%) expressed that their productivity improved after taking a tea or coffee break.

It might sound simple but something as straightforward as installing a water dispenser to keep employees hydrated not only boosts creativity and productivity, but also help your staff build the relationships and connections that maintain good mental health in the workplace.

Take a look at our range of premium office water dispensers to see which would be the best fit for your office, and your team.

[1] Employee Benefits, June 2023

[2] Unispace, May 2023

Gethin Nadin, MBPsS Psychologist and UK Mental Health Campaigner of the Year 2023


Employers can create an environment that’s more conducive to the wellbeing of their employees by considering what the office can offer that homeworking can’t. Having social spaces and facilities where people can congregate and share ideas promotes casual encounters which are integral to wellbeing.

We’re here to help!

You can keep up to date with the campaign by following our social channels that will be sharing exclusive content from experts in the field of workplace wellbeing and mental health. Alternatively, get in touch so we can discuss how we can support your business to create a positive working environment.

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Corporate water dispensers

Explore the range of BRITA office dispensers to supply your staff and guests with hygienic, filtered, hot and chilled water at the touch of a button.


Why Should you Have a Water Dispenser in your Office?

Learn the benefits of having a water dispenser within your workplace and the different types available.

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Refill today, for a better tomorrow

Discover BRITA's latest toolkit designed to help your business combat hidden single-use plastics and make sustainable changes at your workplace.

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