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Why Should you Have a Water Dispenser in your Office?

Drinking water is one of the most important and beneficial rituals all humans need. With our bodies made up of nearly 60% water, it is essential that we stay hydrated for many mental and physical aspects.

Providing freshly chilled water to your employees is a major health and social benefit within the workplace.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of having a water dispenser within your workplace and the different types available.

What are the benefits of water dispensers in your office?

Providing office water coolers within your workplace that offers a variety of water options, will encourage your employees to drink more water. From chilled to hot, still to sparkling, drinking water can impact your workday productivity and external activities. The benefits of having water dispensers in an office include:

Increase in productivity

Staying well-hydrated throughout the week in the office increases employees’ productivity levels. Studies have shown that employees who show mild signs of dehydration (body water loss of 1-2%) can have an impact on their cognitive function. As well as increasing productivity levels, drinking more water daily reduced the risk of dehydration and fatigue.

Find out how drinking water promotes productivity.

Convenient for employees

Having a water dispenser on demand for your employees can be very convenient when working in an office. When taking a break from their desk or moving to and from meetings, having a water dispenser located en route or within walking distance from their chosen area can be very beneficial. Providing a range of water types available including still, chilled, and sparkling, you can make sure everyone’s preferences are catered for. 

Reduction of plastic waste

Having a water dispenser within your workplace will not only provide freshly chilled water for your employees but will help reduce the amount of plastic waste. At least 80% of plastic waste is caused by plastic water bottles. Substituting plastic waste for a more environmentally friendly option can help towards that waste reduction.

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Good quality water

Unlike tap water, which may be contaminated with different chemicals, BRITA has ice-bank technology within our water dispensers, which gives you access to high volumes of fresh water on demand. Drinking pure water free from contaminants can flush out any toxins, prevent headaches, help with digestion, and improve your overall complexion. That’s why all our water dispensers filter out any impurities including limescale, providing clear, fresh drinking water for your employees.

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Types of water coolers for your office

When it comes to choosing a water dispenser for your office, there are plenty of options available.  BRITA water dispensers provide high-quality water for your employees.

Our water dispensers are available in a variety of models and sizes, guaranteeing you a water cooler to suit your office needs. Whether this is locating them within on main office floor, the kitchen, or a meeting room, our range of floor-standing and countertop water dispensers is the ideal choice.

Countertop water dispenser

Our countertop water dispenser provides all the same features as a floor-standing water dispenser but as a countertop model. Place it on top of a unit in your office meeting room, allowing members to easily access water on demand. The control panel can be adjusted on a lower level for those wheelchair users, creating a barrier-free environment. Other areas including the kitchen would be perfect for our countertop water dispenser as this would reduce the footfall, creating more space for other appliances.

Floorstanding water dispenser

Making sure your employees can easily access a water dispenser is important, as well as having it located in a safe place. Having a floor-standing water dispenser installed encourages employees to constantly drink water, keep themselves hydrated and reduce the amount of plastic waste. The floor-standing BRITA Top Pro provides unchilled still, chilled still, semi-sparkling, and sparkling with a touch display, offering your employees a range of water types in an efficient way.

Instant Boiling Water Tap in your office

All employees look forward to a good quality hot drink when working in the office. Having those quick and easy refreshment facilities such as a boiling water tap could cut those minutes waiting for the kettle to boil. Installing this office ‘perk’ will encourage and motivate employees to use the appliances, as it is so convenient, quick, and easy to use. You could even choose a sparkling water dispenser, which also have the option of providing boiling water, so that all water tastes are catered for in one convenient location.

Choosing a BRITA water dispenser for your Office

Whether you decide to install a floor-standing or countertop water dispenser, either will be a great addition to your workplace for many reasons. All our hot and cold water dispenser models have their own additional benefits, from providing freshly, chilled water to instant hot water for the coffee or tea rounds, our water dispensers can provide water to suit every employee's taste. Whichever water dispenser you decide to choose all comes down to space and convenience. Our water dispensers can be installed hassle-free and come with an option for BRITA maintenance.

Discover our range of BRITA water dispensers that would be perfect for your office.

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