How drinking water promotes productivity

Why Drinking Water Promotes Productivity

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated and the best way to do that is by drinking water. Water is a vital part of how we stay alive.

However, do you know how much drinking water promotes efficiency in our personal and work life? It does so much more than keep us going. Keeping hydration levels up boost our concentration abilities and help our cognitive skills.

Here, we discuss all the amazing benefits drinking water has on our creative bodies and minds.

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Drinking Water Promotes Healthy Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is pivotal to a productive day. And what encourages a healthy sleeping pattern? Staying hydrated. If you are hydrated in the day, you’re less likely to wake up parched looking for the water bottle at 3 am, disrupting your slumber.

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Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Daily stress and anxiety has a huge impact on our mental health and productivity. According to  a study published by Baishideng Publishing Group Inc. on how drinking plain water is associated with decreased risk of depression and anxiety in adults, "Lower daily plain water intake was associated with increased risk of depression and anxiety in the crude model. Although controlling for potential confounders attenuated these associations, the inverse link for depression remained strongly significant, whilst anxiety risk tended to be higher for lower water intake in the final model".

Supports creativity

Supports Creativity

One of the many benefits of drinking water is how it helps our creativity. While dehydrated, we are naturally preoccupied and more likely to fall into a bad mood. This will consume your thoughts, not leaving any time for creativity. If your creative juices seem to have fallen, drink some water! It’ll replenish your body AND mind.

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How Does Hydration Affect Sports Performance

Staying hydrated is an important part of sport productivity. When we sweat, it's the body’s way of maintaining the perfect body temperature. So drinking plenty of water will naturally replace the fluids lost while exercising. Because drinking water will also naturally improve flexibility and muscle recovery, it plays a huge part in athletes’ performance.

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Clear Mind

A clear mind gives you the creative space you need to be your most productive self, and what’s clearer than water? Drinking plenty of water will reduce the risk of headaches. Headaches fog up our heads and distract us from our daily tasks. Keeping your water intake up will help you keep a clear head and promote productive quick-thinking.

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