Woman and man on tennis court using BRITA Active Water Filter Bottle.

“Making tennis tournament history"

The journey towards becoming the first non-single-use water sponsor of British tennis.

We’ve joined forces with the LTA to make history, becoming their official water partner and the first non-single-use water brand to sponsor British tennis.

By replacing the LTA’s previous long-standing single-use water sponsor, together we are taking an important step in making single-use bottled water a thing of the past.

We’re on a mission to show everyone that big sporting events don’t have to mean plastic waste – by simply switching from single-use bottled water to BRITA water, it’s possible to be kinder to the planet, without compromising on quality, experience, and, most importantly, taste. 

We’ll be participating across four of the LTA’s major tournaments this summer, supplying sustainable water solutions via BRITA water dispensers and reusable bottles, on courts and stands. 

Thanks to this partnership, we’ll be preventing the use of over 100,000 single-use plastic bottles across the four tournaments

That’s Game, Set, Match if you ask us!

Serving up a first-of-its-kind sponsorship

Trophy in middle of tennis court - LTA

Filtered on tap:

Filtered BRITA water on tap, on and off the courts, for players, officials, and all attendees to drink and enjoy from any reusable bottle they choose to use, BRITA or other.

Woman on tennis court with BRITA Active water filter bottle

Sustainable sipping:

Reusable BRITA bottles will be provided to all players, officials and ball boys and girls. Bottles will also be available for spectators to purchase on-site at 50% off the retail price, should they wish to not bring their own reusable bottle.

Single-use plastic bottles in a pile

Don’t bottle it:

Single-use plastic bottled water will be officially removed, on courts and stands, at all major LTA 2024 tournaments, preventing at least 100,000 single-use plastic bottles from going to waste.

“Let’s take a step back... how did we get here?”

Last year, we made it our mission to shed light on the absurdities within the bottled water industry, and the multi-million market around it. After all, in a country where tap water is one of the safest to drink, why do many think that bottled water is a better option?

The answer is that the bottled water industry worked hard, from the 1970s to date, to frame itself as something ‘essential’. Associated with desirable and aspirational connotations, the industry has lent credibility and glamour to cultural moments and occasions, such as big tennis tournaments. So much so that it now reigns supreme around the world – despite its widely acknowledged environmentally detrimental impact.

Our whitepaper exposed that an additional 221,000 branded plastic bottles were sold every day in 2022 as a direct result of advertising and marketing tactics  – a number expected to grow to 413 million over the next five years (2022-2026). And that’s when we knew our fight had only just begun...

Brita Video Placeholder

Recruiting British TV legend James Buckley as our superhero, we embarked on a mission to get more and more people to realise that, after all, it’s all a bit ridiculous - isn’t it? From fashion collabs to celebrity endorsements, and massive sports sponsorship deals, bottled water is everywhere... and tennis is not exempt.  

Our call didn’t go unnoticed – actually, it was heard loud and clear by the LTA and this year, by working in partnership, we’re helping shape history by bettering a space historically dominated by single-use bottled water. Aced it.

A spin from single-use: Bottled water’s journey with UK tennis

A graphic of a woman tennis player with a single-use plastic bottle.


Buxton serves up a marketing deal with Wimbledon – replacing Diet Coke as the on-court drink of choice. A Perrier Vittel spokeswoman says that "consumers appreciate the purity of mineral water instead of chemicals".

A graphic of a woman tennis player with a single-use plastic bottle.


A single-use plastic bottled water brand sponsors 19-year-old Andy Murray, paying him £1million to wear their 10cm logo on his shirt sleeve. 

A graphic of a woman tennis player with a single-use plastic bottle.


A big year for big water and tennis: Evian announces their partnership with Wimbledon spending £3 million for the opportunity after seeing their 2007 net profit tripling to a 3.1 billion euro.

A graphic of a woman tennis player with a single-use plastic bottle.


A Glasgow University professor highlights concerns with the country’s increasing consumption of bottled water, posing a threat to the environment while raising huge profits for the big brands, calling the industry ‘a big scam’. A problem we’re still facing a decade later.

A graphic of a woman tennis player with a single-use plastic bottle.


Glastonbury, the UK’s biggest festival, fully bans single-use plastic bottles from being sold on-site proving it is possible to hold an event without the need for single-use bottled water.

A graphic of a woman tennis player with a single-use plastic bottle.


Evian introduces the first-ever refillable system at Championships... for players only, and not available to the public. In the same year, BRITA’s whitepaper reveals that an additional 280 million branded water bottles will be sold by 2026 if no action is taken.

Woman tennis player with Active Water Filter Bottle


BRITA becomes the LTA’s official water sponsor, and the first-ever non-single-use water brand to sponsor UK tennis – marking a long-awaited milestone in history. 

Woman drinking from Active Water Filter bottle

Looking ahead

Whilst this sponsorship is a step in the right direction, our mission against single-use bottled water doesn’t stop here. This year, we’re breaking a long-standing cycle and proving that hydration in tennis (and all sports) can work without single-use bottled water, hoping to inspire more fans, players and tournaments to follow in our footsteps.

Tennis crowd in stadium for a LTA event

The future of sustainable tennis

As the National Governing Body of Tennis for Great Britain, the LTA is aware of the significant waste and carbon emissions generally produced by tennis events, alongside the growing risk wider climate crisis poses on our beloved sport. Leading the way for sustainability in British tennis, the LTA has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030, whilst also supporting the wider tennis community in reducing carbon emissions. The LTA aims to prevent the threat the climate crisis can pose tennis at all levels – from extreme temperatures, to flooding risks. The Environmental Sustainability Plan outlines all steps and commitments the LTA is undertaking to positively impact their environmental footprint, and ensure tennis is here to enjoy for generations to come.


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