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By reducing limescale, lead and chlorine, you can enjoy the true flavour and aroma of your drinks.

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How to take a water hardness test

Understanding your water couldn't be easier thanks to our Water Hardness test strips. 

Once you've requested and received your test strip, it will usually arrive within 5 days, then all you need to do is:

  1. Remove the test strip from the packaging
  2. Place it under a running cold tap for up to 3 seconds - please note: the test will only work on unfiltered water
  3. Compare the colour of your test strip to the colour chart

To fully understand what the result means for you, we've included a handy guide with each test strip kit we send out so you can start your journey to better tasting water.

What do the results mean?

Once you've tested your water, you're one step closer to creating the perfect drink.

Within your test kit pack, you'll find specific information in relation to your requirements - for example, if you have very hard water then it is essential you filter as your water blend will have a high volume of limescale which will lead to a significant impact on how your drinks appear and taste as well as causing damage to your kettles and other household appliances such as the iron!

However, if your results reveal you have soft water - you also need to make sure you filter because soft water contains minerals and these can have a drastic effect on the taste of your drinks.

With 96% of customers saying tea tastes better with BRITA, why not discover the difference for yourself?

UK water map

Water, water everywhere... but do you know what's in yours?

It's no secret that water plays a key role in our everyday lives but this vital ingredient varies drastically depending upon your mineral content which can influence the taste and appearance of your drinks as well as the impact of limescale on your household appliances.

Whilst some areas are recognised for having particularly hard or soft water, it actually varies drastically across regions, and even street-to-street. 

That's why it's essential to understand what your water specifically contains. By requesting your water hardness test strip today, you will receive a test strip and information guide to help you diagnose how you can improve your water blend. 

UK Tea Academy

Benefits of filtered water

Filtering your tap water provides better tasting hot and cold drinks. It’s not just our consumers, experts agree too!

With water making up to 99% of a hot drink, it's essential to think about more than just the leaf or bean you use and ensure you remove the taste-impairing substances found in unfiltered water to enjoy the full flavour, as recommended by UK Tea Academy. 

Marella and water heater

Reduce limescale damage on your kettle

Did you know you can protect your household appliances from limescale just by filtering your water?

Our cartridges contain Ion Exchange Pearls which help to prevent limescale so your appliances can live for longer!

Marella and a glass of water on kitchen counter

It's not just hot drinks, cold taste better too!

Thanks to MicroCarbon pearls, taste-impairing substances are removed whilst key minerals are retained providing the great tasting drinks.

plastic bottles

Swap from bottled to BRITA

Finding ways to live more sustainably can be difficult, but with BRITA - you can enjoy the equivalent of 100 1L single-use plastic bottles with just 1 recyclable MAXTRA+ cartridge, enabling you to enjoy a sustainable alternative for great tasting drinks. 

Whale swimming the ocean

​​​​​​​36 million plastic bottles are used every day in the UK

Yet over 5.5 billion household plastic bottles weren't collected to be recycled last year.

With plastic bottles taking up to 450 years to breakdown,

That's twice as long as a Bowhead whale - one of the longest living creatures on the planet. 

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