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The Rely Chain

Shining a light on fostering reliability within the supply chain

When it comes to putting a plate of food on the table, our reliance on the supply chain is immeasurable. Inflation, international conflict, staffing issues and extreme weather… there are a myriad of factors making an impact. That’s why we’ll be shifting the focus from the ‘supply chain’ to the ‘rely chain’. Finding the hidden heroes within the chain and looking at how we can all work together to foster reliability.

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Our research reveals that supply chains are at breaking point

We surveyed both hospitality and education catering professionals to find out the biggest challenges within the supply chain. Those surveyed admitted that the reliability of their suppliers has changed over the last 5 years, with 56% saying that they’ve found them less reliable.

Both the hospitality and education industries have also seen price rises in a number of items and services including ingredients, catering equipment, labour, and fuel and energy. Across both the hospitality and education sectors, operators have seen as much as a 30% increase in labour and ingredient costs.

So, what are caterers doing to make their supply chain relationships more reliable?

In both sectors, operators are working hard to form closer relationships with suppliers to understand the challenges they face, and they are working more with local suppliers to try and help avoid shortages and disruptions.

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Open to debate – Hospitality Industry Roundtable

Over the coming months, we’ll be bringing together leaders from across the hospitality industry to discuss the biggest challenges and uncover innovative solutions.

Collaborating with thought leaders from hotels, restaurants and catering businesses, this collaborative roundtable will seek to support hospitality caterers in finding lasting solutions.

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How we can help you

Finding the right supplier match can extend your support network and drive success.

BRITA Managed Services can take on maintenance tasks such as training team members on best practices, onsite diagnostics and issue resolution, engineer support, and exchanging any professional water filters installed on machines at the correct time.

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