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Grounds of Innovation

Celebrating coffee shops as hubs for innovation

Amazing things happen in coffee shops. Revolutionary thinking is part of the very fabric of these venues.

We’re talking about timeless songs, beloved stories and one-of-a-kind artworks, many of which were born in these unassuming environments.

The likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan and Pablo Picasso, widely known for their artistic outputs, critical thinking and culture-changing ideas, created some of their best work in cafés.

It’s the reason why innovative workspaces are now mimicking coffee shops. It’s why many entrepreneurs use coffee shops as their primary work location.

It’s also why we’ve teamed up with Lois and Michela Wilson, inspirational creative leaders and founders of Saint Aymes, to support and celebrate coffee shops across the UK as hubs of creativity and innovation.

Louis and Michela

Our Creative Partners – Lois and Michela Wilson

Lois and Michela Wilson design under the single, elegant motto, “for beauty’s sake”. The sisters launched the Saint Aymes coffee shop in 2018 with a stunning floral facade and tasteful yet opulent interior. Designed to inspire, the café is a tribute to the creative, human spirit. Their 24ct gold menu of decadent drinks is styled from their edible art chocolates and has become the crown in the Saint Aymes’ multi-dimensional experience.

Saint Aymes quickly became a London landmark and has been widely covered, from the BBC to Marie Claire. The sister’s innovative approach to designing cafés and international pop-ups has cemented them as creative leaders in the space, having won Parliament’s MP Heroes Award and Precious Young Entrepreneurs of the Year Award.

The History of Innovation in Coffee shops

Coffee shops have always been a catalyst for innovation. From historic meetings places to modern day inventions, coffee shops have played an integral part in the forward movement of our society. To find out more, watch the video below.

Brita Video Placeholder
PURITY C iQ just launched

BRITA and coffee professionals start the next coffee shop revolution with the first data-driven and self-regulating filtration system

Just as many revolutionary ideas have been formulated in cafés across the world, our latest innovation was borne from coffee shops. Newly launched to the market, PURITY C iQ is the first data-driven and self-regulating filtration system. An industry game changer, which is set to revolutionise the hot beverages category.

Seven years in the making, PURITY C iQ is much more than just a filter cartridge, giving you full transparency on all the information you need to make smarter business decisions, thanks to its easy-to-use online portal.


How BRITA PURITY C iQ can revolutionise your business

Imagine having up-to-the minute data on the performance and condition of your water filters, the quality of incoming flow, when filters and cartridges need changing and how much water you’re using each week. Not to mention settings automatically being adjusted to your specifications.

With PURITY C iQ all this and much more is possible, minimising machine downtime due to unplanned repairs, reducing energy consumption and ensuring customers get an outstanding quality cup every time!

Learn more about the innovation behind PURITY C iQ here.