BRITA PURITY C iQ filter head

Continually monitors water properties and reacts automatically to changes to ensure consistent water quality.

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Product information:

  • Ensures consistent cup quality
  • Minimises the risk of incorrect installation delivering consistent machine protection
  • BRITA iQ Portal makes on-site service visits and filter exchanges predictable
  • Measures the raw water using intelligent sensor technology and automatically adjusts the filter bypass accordingly
  • Plug & Play technology for easy installation
  • Automatically connects to the cloud via a narrowband LTE connection
  • Includes LTE dataplan – no separate subscription or WiFi network needed   

BRITA PURITY C iQ filter head

Continually monitors water properties and reacts automatically to changes to ensure consistent water quality.

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BRITA PURITY C iQ service engineer

PURITY C iQ: a new chapter in water filtration

BRITA has been a leader in the water filtration industry since its foundation in 1966. We draw on our extensive experience to research and develop new solutions to our customers’ challenges. This innovative spirit is embodied in BRITA PURITY C iQ – the first data-driven and self-regulating filtration system.

PURITY C iQ is more than a filter cartridge. It is a solution that combines a filter, a filter head and an online cloud-based portal to deliver accurate data on key parameters in real time*  – giving you actionable information for better decision-making and enhanced predictive maintenance. That, in turn, helps you safeguard equipment against limescale, ensure consistent cup quality, and cut costs through greater service efficiency.

Discover our pioneering PURITY C iQ system

Coffee flows out of the portafilter into two cups

Avoids limescale build-up

Limescale can quickly lead to faults, machine downtime and unplanned repairs. PURITY C iQ helps avoid this issue from the outset. It provides guidance on correctly installing the filter, and continuously monitors the water’s carbonate hardness – adjusting settings accordingly.

Barista in a coffee shop

Consistently excellent water

By continuously evaluating the input water and responding automatically to any fluctuations in its properties, PURITY C iQ can ensure the right filter settings are being used for the local mains water – to achieve outstanding cup quality time and again.

PURITY C iQ Portal on a tablet screen

A better basis for planning

The BRITA iQ Portal makes managing multiple locations easy. Via a single, intuitive website, you can see the status and remaining lifetime of all your installed filters, and analyse and visualise their data. As a result, you can better plan on-site visits, reduce costs, and raise customer satisfaction.

Gain insight into your water filters – from anywhere, at any time

BRITA PURITY C iQ filtration system

The BRITA iQ Portal: key data at a glance

Laptop displays PURITY C iQ Portal dashboard

In the cloud-based BRITA iQ Portal, the online dashboard gives you an easy-to-understand visual overview of all your installed filters’ key parameters in real time* – so you can see at a glance, e.g., how much water was consumed over the past week, the local water’s carbonate hardness, when the filter should be replaced, and more.

Wireless technology provides the portal with precise, up-to-date information on cartridge parameters. As a result, it is easier to plan on-site service visits, and to correctly complete a variety of tasks.

PURITY C iQ Portal and installation guide

Screenshot of BRITA iQ Portal

Installation of PURITY C iQ

  • Set up and login to a BRITA iQ Portal account
  • Create new organisations and invite users to the BRITA iQ Portal
  • Receive a BRITA iQ Portal overview and details
  • Register your PURITY C iQ filter heads in the BRITA iQ Portal
  • Change your settings in the BRITA iQ Portal
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PURITY C iQ Connect App

The PURITY C iQ Connect App is your direct link to your installed filter. The application allows you to connect your Windows-based device to the PURITY C iQ filter head, see all live data in the system and adjust the system settings, simply by connecting the USB cable.

Download Connect App for Windows

For guidance on installing and using the PURITY C iQ Connect App, please refer to the user manual in the download section.


PURITY C iQ Connect App manual (PDF, 1,001.24 KB)
PURITY C iQ infographic (PDF, 1.458 MB)
PURITY C iQ Data Sheet (PDF, 784.714 KB)
PURITY C iQ Brochure (PDF, 4.731 MB)

Find out how PURITY C iQ can benefit your own business – and get in touch today.

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