BRITA AquaAroma and AquaAroma Crema

The compact solution for mobile coffee machines. Less limescale, more aroma and taste.

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BRITA filter AquaAroma Crema

Full aroma & taste

Serve guests better tasting coffee and espresso drinks. Made with BRITA filtered water.

BRITA filter AquaAroma Crema

Simple installation

Easily install and exchange the filter cartridge – no assistance required.

BRITA filter AquaAroma Crema

Protects your valuable machine

By reducing limescale deposits, the filter cartridge protects your machine and reduces service costs.

Why BRITA AquaAroma and AquaAroma Crema?

BRITA Benefits delicious coffee

Delicious coffee

Everybody likes good coffee. The secret ingredient: great tasting water.

BRITA Benefits economical solution

Real savings

The recipe for success: protect your equipment – minimise downtime.

BRITA Benefits easy to install

Easy to install

Designed for easy maintenance – and ease of use.

BRITA Benefits eco friendly


Cartridge recycling helps reduce your carbon footprint.

BRITA Benefits proven technology

Proven technology

Tried-and-trusted expertise: excellent product safety and durability.

BRITA Benefits outstanding quality

Outstanding quality

Perfectly matched filter components for a variety of tasks.

BRITA filter AquaAroma

Fast facts AquaAroma

  • Ideal for coffee machines with integrated tank (gravity operation)
  • Good for your bottom line: lower running and service costs
  • Direct distribution by the operator
  • Conveniently use directly in the water tank
  • Easy installation and exchange by user
BRITA filter AquaAroma Crema

Fast facts AquaAroma Crema

  • Suitable for coffee machines with specially designed integrated water tank systems (suction operation)
  • Comes with an aroma ring to adjust to your local water quality
  • Enjoy lower operating costs
  • Serve guests coffee with improved taste, aroma and crema
  • Constant water pressure and temperature during the entire brewing process
  • Easy installation and exchange by user
BRITA filter AquaAroma Crema

Dimensions & specifications


  • Dimensions (d/h): 89.6/36.2 mm
  • Capacity (depending on carbonate hardness): 81-242 l
  • ​Water intake temperature 4-30 °C

AquaAroma Crema:

  • Dimensions (w/h/d): 42.8/106.9/60.8 mm
  • Capacity (depending on carbonate hardness): 80-220 l
  • Water intake temperature: 4-30 °C


AquaAroma Tank Series Data Sheet (PDF, 1.432 MB)
Coffee Shop & Bakery Brochure (PDF, 7.859 MB)
Filter Product Catalogue (PDF, 5.854 MB)
AquaAroma Crema Instruction Manual (PDF, 1.758 MB)
BRITA sensory lab taste testing team

BRITA’s sensory lab

At the source of great taste: how we test water.

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