What to Consider When Choosing an Office Water Dispenser

We break down how to choose an office water dispenser.

Use this guide to help you find the best water solution for your office.

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Choosing an office water dispenser

Office water dispensers are so much more than meeting points for co-worker conversation. At BRITA, we have reinvented the office water dispenser to become a smart, sustainable and sterile water solution for workplaces.

We examine what to consider and the essential requisites when searching for an office water dispenser to ensure your office is meeting the needs and expectations of employees and guests

Why an Office Water Dispenser is Important
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Sustainability Matters

Our Next Generation Workplace Sustainability Report highlighted the importance of sustainable business practices for attracting and maintaining happy employees. The report highlighted that the top CSR objective that matters going forward is creating an environmentally friendly building (46%). Moreover, creating a single-use plastic fee environment is featured as second in the top 5 elements the younger generation would like to see in the workplace. An office water dispenser is a cost-effective and simple way of helping your company move toward these objectives.

Value of amenities

Value of Amenities

Research shows that a well-designed office environment can contribute to business success in two key ways – recruitment and productivity of staff. More than nine out of ten office workers (93%) would be more likely to accept a job that offered an appealing work environment. Indeed, more than a third of employees (36%) value hot and cold beverage amenities in their office over other amenities.

Amenities make your employees feel valued, and help lift restraints on their work helping to increase productivity and output. Office water dispensers are one factor that plays an important role in the level of comfort and positivity people feel within their workplace.

Health and wellbeing

Health & Well-being

In a recent case study from the International WELL Building Institute, a company found that redesigning a healthier office space reduced staff turnover by 27% and absenteeism was 50% lower than the previous year.

With diet playing such a key role in our health, we must create places that provide access to nourishing food and encourage hydration. The top element younger people would like to see in their office is a health and nutrition station with unlimited filtered water and a strong focus on nutrition and hydration was the second most important initiative for positive workplace culture.

Promoting healthy habits, therefore, such as providing filtered still and sparkling water on tap is crucial to not only maintaining a healthy workplace but also to leading a productive company.

What to Look For in an Office Water Dispenser

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Quality and Reliability

Our office water dispensers are all mains-fed, meaning they are plugged straight into the mains supply of water rather than relying on bottles of water. Mains fed water dispensers are not only more reliable and easier to maintain with water constantly available, but inbuilt triple-part filtration also removes impurities to ensure staff and guests are provided with great tasting water on demand.

Read more about the differences between mains-fed and bottled water coolers.

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Our range of mains-fed office water dispensers are available as floor standing, countertop and tap systems. This means they can be installed just about anywhere in your office. We can install our office water dispensers in existing kitchen areas through taps, in communal areas or walkways using floor standing dispensers, or on top of existing surfaces such as benchtops or meeting rooms through countertop dispensers.

Our hot and cold water dispensers also give your staff flexibility in the water types they want

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As sustainability matters, office water dispensers should be designed and built with sustainability at their core. We understand the value in achieving your CSR objectives, which is why our range of BRITA water dispensers produce 86% fewer carbon emissions than bottled water.

Moreover, more than 4 billion bottles are replaced per year by drinking BRITA filtered water rather than bottled water – enough to circle the equator 35 times!

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Safety & Hygeine

The past couple of years has underlined the importance of maintaining employee well-being especially as we start moving back into offices.

Our office water dispensers are complete with BRITA HygienePlus, a proven three-zone protection solution using hollow-fibre membrane technologies to filter 99.99999% of bacteria and 99.95% of microbial cysts.

Furthermore, BRITA’s powerful ThermalGate™ feature automatically and regularly heats the dispenser outlet tap. This protects against contamination from external sources, such as physical contact (e.g. touching the tap) and droplets (e.g. from sneezing or coughing).

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Rent or Buy

As your office needs are adaptable, your water provision solutions should be too. As our vision is to change the way people drink water sustainably, we offer purchase or rental options to cater for every need. Purchase an office water dispenser to install a new asset and add value to your premises or rent to spread the cost with maintenance included.

Read more about how to buy or rent our office water dipensers.


Just as the modern workplace should also be innovative, inclusive and customisable, BRITA VIVREAU products can be easily adapted, giving options for hot, cold, still and sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Our office water dispensers are also available with the BRITA VIVREAU Easy Access Panel; a second control unit that helps to create an inclusive environment. It can be positioned at a variety of heights and angles, meaning that people who use wheelchairs can just as easily and safely help themselves to hot or cold filtered water.

BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers

Check out our full range of office water dispensers suitable for every office type, need and location.

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