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H20: Home To Office

An insight lead report on the office of the future

Download a copy of the BRITA VIVREAU Home To Office Toolkit for yourself:

H20 Report - Front Cover

H20 - Home To Office Toolkit

(PDF, 6.65 MB)
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In this report, we combine market research with expert insight into psychology, architecture and design to deliver top tips for businesses looking to make their office the best it can be in order to support their staff.

While 82% of workers have said they want to return to workplaces for at least some of the working week, the idea of once again commuting to work instead of staying within the comfort of homes may be a shock to the system.

Businesses are now considering how they can ensure that a return to the office is an attractive option for employees, as they recognise the need to maintain the same levels of engagement and productivity within their team wherever they choose to work.

Download our Home To Office report today to discover top tips, insights, and ideas on how you can achieve a successful return to the workplace.

Our H20: Home To Office Report Contains Expert Insight From:

Louise Hattam (2)

Louise Hattam

Senior Project Manager @ Work.Life.

Co-working spaces designed for happiness.

Ben Channon (1)

Ben Channon

Director @ Ekkist.

An architecture firm that focuses on design for wellbeing.

DaeWha Kang (1)

DaeWha Kang

Lead Designer @ DaeWha Kang Design.

Award-winning architecture and design studio.

Louise Hattam, Senior Project Manager @ Work.Life

Work.Life Logo

There used to be a focus on space-centric design, which centred around processes and work requirements in an attempt to drive employee performance. We have seen a shift to a people-first approach, where employees' quality of life is the focus and businesses listen to their employees to understand what they need from a workplace.


Office blueprint

Download a copy of the BRITA VIVREAU Home To Office Toolkit for yourself:

H20 Report - Front Cover

H20 - Home To Office Toolkit

(PDF, 6.65 MB)
Download now

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