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Benefits of Instant Hot Water Dispensers

Hot water systems are ideal for the workplace as they have many benefits including saving time, energy efficiency and more.

A Popular Alternative

Instant hot water dispensers are becoming a popular option in the workplace, making it easier and more convenient to have immediate access to hot water. This means no more long waits by the kettle to make that much-needed cup of tea!

Whether you're looking for a more cost-effective alternative to traditional hot water services or you want to provide your employees with the convenience of dispensing hot water from a tap without waiting, there are several more benefits that make having an instant hot water system, a smart choice for your business

Why Choose an Instant Hot Water System for Your Business?

At BRITA, we have a range of expertly manufactured mains-fed water dispensers that are ideal to supply hot water in offices, hospitality, and the healthcare industry. They are both functional and stylish.

Let's look at the benefits they can bring to your workplace.


They are more energy efficient compared to kettles

When used frequently, a traditional kettle wastes more energy as it loses heat through the exteriors of the container during the boiling process.

Having acess to hot water straight from a tap can help cut down on energy consumption in your office. And therefore, this will help save you money.


They save time and increase employee productivity

In a busy work environment, as a business, you may be wondering where you can save on time. With our water dispensers, your employees won't have to wait as long for water to boil to make their tea and coffee, which we all know is essential to most of us throughout the day.

The flow of on-demand hot water means that everyone will have more time to spend on important work.

quality hot beverages

They provide quality hot beverages for employees and customers

There is no denying the popularity of tea within the workplace and hospitality sector. And this is why we have done our research to find out how you can serve great tea to your customers and employees.

We found individuals value the quality of tea, one in five people want filtered water so that there is no residue in the tea or on the mug and the whole flavour and aroma may be enjoyed.

At BRITA, we are the water filtration experts, so you always get a superb cup of tea.

filter 2

They reduce impurities such as chloride and limescale

If your establishment resides in a hard water location, you may see a white, chalky residue forming in your kettle called limescale. Unfiltered water can contain other impurities such as lead and chloride. They all affect the flavour of your water and can give it a dull appearance.

It should be in your best interest to provide the best drinking solution to both employees and customers to increase satisfaction.Your business can hugely benefit from investing in a hot water system as it provides great-tasting, clean and filtered water.


They provide safe hot water

In any workplace environment, safety should always come first. Employers have a variety of duties when it comes to preserving the health and safety of their employees under health and safety legislation.

Our dispenser systems include specialised safety features that include a hot water touch sensor, removable nozzle and a fitted drip tray which makes sure there is zero splashback. All of which contribute to a safer working environment.


They help your workplace become more sustainable

Another benefit of our immediate hot water taps is that they also provide cold drinking water. Accessible drinking water in the workplace encourages individuals to use less single-use plastic water bottles. And reducing your company's plastic consumption contributes to protecting our environment against plastic pollution.

Did you know that 36 million plastic bottles are used every day in the UK? That’s why we aim to offer customers sustainable solutions with our products.

Read more about how we contribute to sustainability.

As you can tell, there are many fantastic benefits that our hot water dispensers can bring to your workplace. If you would like to talk more about them, contact us. We'll help find the perfect water solution for your business's needs