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Top tips for protecting your profit and future-proofing your hot beverage equipment

Damaged equipment has a huge effect on stress levels for hot beverage professionals. These top tips will keep you running efficiently and ultimarely increase profits. 

Getting ahead of the competition for reopening

With reopening on the horizon for coffee shops, we look at how you can improve the taste and appearance of your hot drinks to remain competitive.

Under Pressure

How can you make machine breakdowns a thing of the past?

At Boiling Point

Download the At Boiling Point toolkit to cut some of that stress out of the professional kitchen

BRITA Managed Services

Discover how we can help you prevent machine breakdowns and the costly repairs costs that come with them. 

Outside restaurant - Upscale Tables

BRITA and WDC host hospitality industry webinar

BRITA and Whale and Dolphin Conservation host an insightful discussion exploring how sustainability can be embedded in the hospitality industry post the pandemic.

Beat the Breakdown

Download our Beat the Breakdown toolkit to find out how machine maintenance could save you money

Taking a tea break can boost your mental wellbeing

Almost two-thirds of tea drinkers agree that taking time to have a cup of tea helps them feel more relaxed.

What type of water is best for tea?

Research by the UK Tea Academy shows the impact of water on the taste, aroma and appearance of tea - and finally provides a water specification for a consistently great cuppa.

The Pursuit of Optimum Kitchen Efficiency

In a booming hospitality industry, professional kitchens need to be more efficient than ever.

Pouring tea

The Missed Opportuni-tea for hot beverage operators

Tea is the nation's favourite drink, but why don't Brits enjoy drinking it out of home?