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Water dispenser filtration

Be sure of delicious water - plus exceptional hygiene, quality and sustainability

Great-tasting water is an art and a science

Tap water is more than just H2O – and its composition can vary greatly from place to place.

Called the universal solvent, water dissolves more substances than any other liquid. So although tap water is a strictly quality-controlled foodstuff, it can contain a diverse blend of minerals, organic compounds and more. These come from the natural environment, from water treatment and from pipes. And this influences how water looks, smells and tastes.

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Outstanding water filtration – from proven pioneers

This is where BRITA comes in. Water is our passion, and has been for over half a century. We have channelled that expertise into our effective, made-in-Germany BRITA water filters, which are used in our mains-fed dispensers.
Water dispensers with filters effectively reduce unwanted substances, providing a robust layer of protection for dependably safe drinking water. The result is reliable and refreshing: enjoy delicious filtered water with just the right composition of minerals.

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What are the benefits of water dispenser filtration technology?

When dispensing cold still or sparkling water:

  • Reliably refreshing water with improved taste and aroma
  • Reduced turbidity for crystal-clear results
  • Dependable dispenser operation and outstanding safety and hygiene

When dispensing hot water:

  • Development of full, rich aroma and flavour for hot drinks, such as tea
  • Protection against limescale build-up that could lead to equipment downtime 

The CLARITY Protect water dispenser filter delivers reliably safe, excellent water

The CLARITY Protect filter ensures exceptionally clean water. While mains water is strictly monitored, there is a chance some bacteria, metals, microplastics, organic impurities and more could remain or be introduced, e.g. by piping. In addition, CLARITY Protect reliably reduces substances, such as chlorine, that could affect water's taste and odour.

  1. Pre-filtration: The nonwoven filter material retains coarse particles, such as rust
  2. Activated-carbon block: Activated carbon removes and reduces substances that could have a negative impact on taste and aroma
  3. Hollow-fibre membrane: The membrane consistently filters out fine particles, and 99.999% of bacteria and 99.95% of cysts
  4. The right balance: The technology ensures a blend of desirable minerals in water

BRITA CLARITY Protect water filter

Reliably safe and excellent water for your dispenser

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BRITA CLARITY Safe X3 for BRITA HygienePlus

A further safeguard with CLARITY Safe X3

CLARITY Safe X3 is a bacterial filter for environments with exceptional hygiene requirements, such as hospitals and nursing homes. The double-layer membrane filter is just upstream of the dispenser outlet tap, and removes e.g. any potentially remaining bacteria or microbial cysts – right then and there. CLARITY Safe X3 is a key part of the BRITA HygienePlus solution.  

hot filtered water for tea

Hot water filtration with PURITY C Dispenser filter

The PURITY C Dispenser filter protects the dispenser by reducing carbonate hardness, tackling the common problem of limescale build-up head on. It also removes unwanted, taste-impairing substances. And its bypass settings let you control the degree of hardness – so you have just the right amount, for instance, for a perfect cup of tea.

Download our brochure to learn more about outstanding water filtration solutions from the experts

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Your filtration guide for BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers

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